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EzyWms Mobile Warehouse Management System

Mobile WMS for Barcode, Pick, Receipt, Replenish, Adjust, Cycle Stock Count, and Sign Delivery.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB EXO Business

Microsharp EzyWms is a comprehensive and highly customisable mobile solution for advanced warehouse management and delivery transport management. The system runs on rugged smart mobile computers and seamlessly integrates with MYOB Exo & MYOB Advanced.

For warehouse and supply chain managers, accurate and efficient warehouse operation and inventory control mean lower cost, better customer service, fewer goods returns, customer complaints, reduced inventory loss and goods expiration. For general managers and business owners, it translates to higher profits or lower overheads such as labour costs.

Warehouse Management Solution

+ EzyWms mobile app transforms warehouse operation into digitalised and paperless performance

+ Comprehensive functionalities for mobile Picking, Packing, and Outgoing Goods Dispatching

+ One-click order release from MYOB to mobile devices

+ Wide range of picking techniques: Single order per picker; Multiple orders per picker (Wave Picking, Batch Picking, or Zone Picking), and Splitting an order to multiple pickers and later rejoining for packing.

+ Lightning actions for mobile Receipting of inward goods enable instant stock availability for sale directly from mobile devices

+ Extensive inventory control features for Putaway, Multi-bin Replenishment, Stock Adjustment, and Cycle Stock Count

+ Real-time stock insight at your fingertips

+ Fast and accurate with advanced barcode scanning

+ Eliminate manual data entry and duplications

+ Achieve higher efficiency, reduce labour cost and wastage

Advanced Barcode Functions

+ Advanced mobile barcode scanning solutions using handheld computers

+ Multi-levelled Packaging Barcodes: Single Barcodes, Inner Barcodes, Outer Barcodes and Pallet Barcodes

+ Programmable barcodes and custom formats allow for unit conversions from singles to inners, outers, and pallets for single-scan operations

+ Compatible with all barcode symbologies with advanced GS1-128 function auto-capturing serialised details such as item Serial Numbers, Batch Codes, Expiry Dates, and Variable Weights

+ Extensive item barcode tagging functions allow multiple barcodes per SKU when sourced from various alternative suppliers

+ Print custom-designed barcode labels from mobile devices directly to thermal transfer barcode printers

Transport Management System

+ Microsharp EzyPod mobile app is an advanced delivery management, truck loading and Proof of Delivery for Drivers for MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced

+ One-click orders release from MYOB to Runsheets and driver mobile devices for paperless delivery operation

+ Smart-Routing for automatic travel route optimisations or driver’s custom route profiling

+ Photo capturing for on-site leave authority proofs or payload hand-overs

+ Smart-Loading for vehicle profiling (eg Insulation, Chiller, Semi/Full Freezer vehicles) and loading optimisation of cartons and pallets

+ Workflow-control notifications to customers at any action points such as before dispatch, during dispatch, and after hand-over with proof of delivery attached"

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