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This module connects your MYOB EXO Contact records with your MailChimp account.

Works with:

MYOB EXO Business


EXOChimp is an integrated application that is used to keep your MYOB EXO contacts and their associated attributes in sync with the eMarketing lists in MAILCHIMP.

Key functionality and benefits include

• EXOChimp has the ability to create filtered groups or segments based on data from MYOB EXO database

• Data from MYOB EXO is controlled by a customisable SQL View which means any data in MYOB EXO can be used as a filter or attribute including contacts, marketing classes , debtors, sales information or extra fields

• Groups or segments can be filtered by the user based on criteria including equals, not equals, like, not like, in list, contains and many more

• EXOChimp groups can be exported to excel for EXOChimp grid

• Synchronisation can be scheduled to be hourly, daily or weekly

• Unsubscribed or Cleaned lists from MAILCHIMP can be used to update “OPT_OUT MARKETING Flag” in MYOB EXO

• Fields from EXOChimp view other than just EMAIL can be matched with MAILCHIMP fields including First Name, Last Name, Title, Primary Group, Marketing Classes and much more allowing this data to be used in your eMarketing Campaigns

• Marketing Classes and extra fields on Contacts can be combined with Debtors data to create groups

• Reduced MAILCHIMP costs due to optimisation of data

Disclaimer: The apps on this site are developed by third parties. MYOB can’t guarantee that the apps are suitable for your business. You should assess the suitability, quality and performance of any apps before using them.