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eveXso is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System that is dedicated to refining warehouse operations for peak efficiency. By transforming supply chain management through automation, it significantly enhances productivity and minimises manual errors.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB EXO Business
MYOB Greentree

eveXso provides an effective solution for anyone seeking to optimise their warehouse operations. 

  • Integrates with both MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. 

  • Available on both Android and IOS.

  • 99.99999% uptime with serverless technology.

  • Get started quickly with our user-centric training program. Pickers get up and running within 10 minutes.

  • 100% Customer Retention Rate. 

Benefits of eveXso

Streamlined Operations: eveXso simplifies your warehouse operations, making them as seamless and efficient as possible. You can automate countless tasks, process multiple orders at once, and have complete confidence in your stock levels with barcode scanning and real-time inventory tracking​​​. 

Optimised User Experience: The intuitive design of eveXso, optimised based on customer feedback, enables your warehouse team to work entirely from their mobile device. You can easily manage your warehouse with the web-based, ‘eveXso Dash’ dashboard, providing a top-level view of warehouse operations​​. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction: With eveXso, minimise errors with effortless barcode scanning and improve customer satisfaction with real-time inventory tracking. Ensure supplied products are correct and validate the correct stocking factor has been scanned, even during operations​​. 

Efficient Fleet and Delivery Management: eveXso offers complete visibility of your deliveries with real-time tracking and route optimization. It includes all the features your drivers need in a sleek design straight from their phone. Keep your customers up-to-date with automated SMS or email updates​. 

Key Features of eveXso 

EDI Processing: eveXso supports Electronic Processing (EDI), with SSCC label generation and ASN preparation approved with many major supermarkets and retailers. Receive ASN documents from your clients to improve your receiving process​​. 

Task Automation: eveXso increases efficiency with task automation, including quantity entry and invoicing. Use wave picking to reduce walking distance by picking many orders at once and control your supply chain by distributing work through zones, prioritising picks, and assigning tasks to specific users​​. 

App Integrations: Expand your capabilities with seamless integrations with leading apps, such as accounting systems, freight management and ERP software.  

Route Planning and Vehicle Loading: Optimise your routes using Google, create postcode zones for specific routes, ensure the right goods are close to the door when the driver needs them with sequenced vehicle loading, and even set temperature zones​​. 

Driver and Fleet Management: Ensure drivers are prepared with pre-start forms, set reminders such as collecting and returning keys for specific customer sites. Complete your Government Compliance reporting by creating vehicle registers, tracking permits and certificates, managing roadworthy checks, and reporting faults on vehicles​​. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. eveXso boasts an extensive suite of features designed to automate and simplify every aspect of warehouse management. Head to to learn more and request a demo.