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Seamlessly Integrate People & Payroll

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Embrace the power of an integrated cloud-based HRIS solution with EmployeeConnect.

Automate Your HR

Designed with People in mind, EmployeeConnect provides a complete suite of HR tools for your enterprise. From hire to retire, EmployeeConnect let's you streamline your processes online through a collaborative platform where employees, managers and HR can connect.

Save Time, Make Better Decisions.

Build a better workplace on adaptive foundations. Our suite of integrated HR modules will save you hours of work - leaving you more time to focus on strategic tasks. Through Analytics, get access to actionable reports and dashboards so you get a complete picture of your workforce and make the shift to strategic.

Get Started with EmployeeConnect

EmployeeConnect has flexibility built-in, which means our system can easily adapt to your business and scale as you grow. Perfect for medium to large size organisations, our "One-Click" integration process with MYOB makes implementation a breeze. Book a demo today to start your journey towards paperless HR.

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