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Easy to use, powerful, online solution to streamline everything from rostering to payroll!

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Now you can have a powerful, easy to use, reliable, online, software solution to take care of all those important but frustrating staff admin tasks!

Regardless of industry, size, or location, every business relies on its staff and easyemployer makes managing your people easy. easyemployer is assisting our clients to streamline and automate staff administrative tasks - cutting up to 90% of time spent and saving up to 10% of weekly payroll costs.

easyemployer provides

  • Centralised employee information - staff availability, leave entitlements, contact details etc, all there in one spot means you'll always have up to date staff details

  • Automatic intelligent roster creation - based on staff availability, leave, skills, qualifications and business needs. With email/sms shift notification, it means the right staff on at the right times.

  • Easily backfilling of shifts - in just minutes you can find best possible replacements using SMS/email.

  • Labour cost control - on the fly wage forecasting means you see what you are going to spend when rostering so there’s no budget blow outs and total labour cost efficiency.

  • Communication of requirements & tasks to staff - including multiple shifts, locations, clients etc.

  • Precisely tracked staff locations - for timesheet accuracy, OH&S, security & auditing purposes.

  • 100% accurate time and attendance - secure biometric or mobile clocking means full visibility of your workforce and accurate work times. "Discrepancy" alerts makes timesheet finalisation a breeze.

  • Automatic calculation of allowances - travel, first aid, meal, split shift, sleepover, night active & more.

  • 100% accurate pay rate application - automatic wage calculation and industry award application means complete payroll accuracy. Can account for awards (i.e. SCHADS), EBAs & agreements.

  • Integration with payroll - automatic import to payroll eliminate manual data entry, error & processing overheads with instant data transfer to your preferred payroll solution.

  • Flexible and powerful reporting - business metric reporting means increased visibility and control; and all the information you need at your fingertips to make better business decisions. Ensuring efficiency and financial sustainability for any given location, service, client etc - plus assistance with NDIS requirements for care providers.

  • (for care providers) Integration with your CMS - to link to client care plans, track times, services & locations for client reporting & billing, including for NDIA online portal integration.

With easyemployer working in your business you can now spend more time taking care of your customers, innovating your business and growing your profitability - and less time stuck at your desk doing staff administration.

easyemployer is compatible with both Account Right Classic and Account Right Live. Account Right Live import is currently manual and does not utilise the AccountRight Live API.

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