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A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia & New Zealand

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Retail Manager

A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

  • All automated Software and fee updates for Medicare, DVA, Health Funds, WorkCover (All States) and AMA as they are due keeping old fees for prior billing

  • Opportunity to ‘grow your business’ as Direct CONTROL is Multi-Disciplinary and accommodates billing and scheduling needs for ALL Medical Disciplines (Allied Health, GP, Specialists, Haematologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologist, Pathologist, Anaesthetist, Assistants in Surgery, Day and Overnight Hospital Stays from Admission to Discharge to include Statutory Reporting).

  • Manage your Workflow per logon with customisable dashboards

  • Take Client Photo (with their permission)

  • Client Contact Management

  • Track Referrers/Surgeons and report on revenue generated from Referrers/Surgeons

  • Full Appointment History

  • Add ‘non-billing entities’ at no additional cost. For example: Clinics, Appointments with Nurses, etc and report on revenue generated from each.

  • Integrate with Outlook to view on your mobile device or use Direct CONNECT Web Service. You have the best of both desktop and browser access.

    • Provider Portal

    • Client Portal to include Perioperative Questionnaire

    • On Call App

  • Generate Informed Financial Consent (aka Estimate or Quote) in seconds and convert to invoice

  • Email and SMS from Direct CONTROL @ 8.8 cents or less per SMS (Other Providers charge around 22 cents per SMS)

  • Take Prepayments, generate Invoices and Receipts, Refunds and Write-offs … all fully audited

  • Export directly to your accounting application … MYOB (preferred)

  • Entities/Locations can have their own Accounting File

  • Includes Medicare Australia Online Functionality for Direct Billing (Bulk Bill, DVA, Health Funds, Patient Claiming, ECLIPSE and In Hospital Claiming) and Verification and Online Eligibility Checks (OEC). Direct CONTROL has Notices of Integration with the very latest Medicare Client Adaptor.

  • Setup

     for online EFTPOS payments (no need for the EFTPOS/Tyro machine on desks) … take pre-authorisations

  • Setup BPay for automatic receipting

  • Private, Pensioner/HCC, WorkCover, Medico-Legal and Third Party billing

  • Clinical Module to bring all detail together or link to other Clinical Programmes of choice (optional)

    • Admissions

    • Allergies

    • Clinical Alerts

    • Communications

    • Medications … 

      MIMS Integration for prescriptions

       (being finalised now) … additional cost

    • Observations

    • Progress Notes

    • Reminders/Recalls

    • Requests and Results

  • Referral Management and Reporting

  • Communications Management

  • Own a tablet? Then take advantage of Handwriting Notes and Drawing

  • Utilise Windows Voice Recognition

  • Secure Messaging with Medical-Objects or Argus CONNECT … additional cost

  • Client/Patient Correspondence with Microsoft Office or scan or import directly into the Client/Patient Record. Can also just drag and drop.

  • Import Images and view within the Client/Patient Record

  • Financial Reporting at its best

  • On-line content to assist with staff training and support

  • Links throughout to relevant web sites

Disclaimer: The apps on this site are developed by third parties. MYOB can’t guarantee that the apps are suitable for your business. You should assess the suitability, quality and performance of any apps before using them.