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Common Ledger

Our product allows accountants better access to their clients’ financial data

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Common Ledger is a New Zealand company with its head office in Wellington and customers throughout Australasia. Our mission is to give accountants around the world better access to financial data. 

Common Ledger was founded in 2013 when it became clear that a problem we solved for one accountant was a fundamental problem for almost every accountant. Despite huge advancements in technology accounting’s processes haven’t changed in 100 years. In fact, increased technologies mean more time and cost for the same result - completed financial statements.

Our core principle is that accountants and their clients have a diverse set of needs and there is no one size fits all solution. Our product allows both the freedom to choose and to do more with the software that best serves their business. Our simple, elegant solution allows accountants ongoing access to their clients financial data regardless of the accounting software they use.

We’re passionate about connecting accountants to businesses.

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