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ClickClock your way to effectively managing employee attendance and improve productivity.

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ClickClock is a cloud-based Time and Attendance System designed to help businesses effectively manage employee attendance and improve productivity. It offers a technologically-advanced and affordable solution for businesses using MYOB AccountRight. The system is suitable for both on-premises and remote employees, and it is accessible on Android, iPhone, iPad, and specialised fixed wall terminals.

With ClickClock's Software as a Service (SaaS) model, businesses can access the system from anywhere at any time, allowing for flexible workforce management. The system helps reduce absenteeism and increase employee accountability, leading to improved performance and profitability. It offers features such as recording employee activities, customising clock-in and clock-out rounding settings, and accurately capturing GPS locations for attendance records.

ClickClock seamlessly exports all attendance data to MYOB AccountRight, saving time and effort in processing payroll and ensuring accurate and timely payments to employees. The system also provides the flexibility of no lock-in contracts, allowing businesses to change or cancel subscriptions as needed.

ClickClock's ecosystem includes a web interface for management and administration, specialised terminals, mobile apps, and integration with existing Time and Attendance or Job Tracking systems. Employees can clock in and out using RFID/NFC cards or tags, PIN and password, or the ClickClock Mobile app, which can even record the physical location of the device. All devices connect to ClickClock Cloud for configuration and data storage.

The ClickClock team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring businesses have a reliable Australian-made solution for managing employee attendance and improving productivity.

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