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CFM forecasts your cash flow exactly how it occurs in real life to give you control over your cash. Suitable for any audience - those in the business of advisory, those responsible for cash flow management in a business. Reporting that any user can understand.

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CashFlowMapper (CFM) solves the biggest problem in business - managing cashflow by:

Helping you prepare automated rolling cash flow forecasts – the most powerful cash flow planning tool there is.Allowing you to plan business transactions exactly as they happen in reality – accurately to the day.Telling you in advance when your cash flow is approaching the “comfort level” of cash that you set.Presenting forecasts/plans / budgets in a way anyone, including non-financial people, can understand completely.Giving you complete flexibility to plan across days, weeks, months, or any time span of up to 10 years.Allowing you to compare possible outcomes simultaneously and explain each day’s activity in complete detail.


Every kind of business transaction is catered for, in the way the transaction actually occurs, making understanding easy. Apply consumption taxes (GST, VAT, Sales Tax), and know when they are due for payment/refund. Use foreign exchange rates – your own projected rates via a calendar or fixed rates – if required. Planned activity is mapped against a minimum or “comfort” cash balance; know when cash shortages or surpluses will occur. Group transactions for summarised reporting, and apply foreign exchange rates or factors as needed. Upload, enter, or import data via a spreadsheet .csv file to create plans. Plans can cover any length of time you wish. Export data for editing & re-uploading, as well as analysis. Easily edit & copy plans for scenario analysis & budget v actual comparisons. Merge several plans into one; perfect for project-based businesses or where you have multiple bank accounts. Link to selected accounting software packages to import outstanding debtors and creditors, including consumption taxes (GST, VAT, Sales Tax).

Collaborate with whoever you need to - your clients or your advisors (no per-user charge):

On the one subscription, give your team members their own account to work on planning.

Give workspace access to your advisors or clients.


Reports can be viewed online – and viewed simultaneously by more than one user - as well as exported for use in hard-copy documents, modelling & analysis.


Daily balances & movements. Breach of the comfort level of cash highlighted. Summed on month-to-date & plan-to-date bases. View daily transactions online. Exportable to spreadsheets.

Plan details and transactions are exportable for editing and reimport – amend/create new plans quickly and easily.

Occurrence report for auditing/checking purposes.


Online daily indicator of cash balance against comfort level of cash.

Daily balances & movements are mapped against the comfort level of cash. Multiple scenarios are overlaid for easy comparison. View daily transactions online.  Export for use in hard copy reports.

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