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CashD is revolutionizing the way employees access their earnings with our cutting-edge real-time remuneration platform. Our innovative solution allows workers to withdraw a portion of their accrued wages as they earn it, so you can empower your employees with financial tools for flexibility and peace of mind.

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MYOB Advanced Business

The job market is fiercely competitive, and attracting skilled professionals requires a modern approach. Competitive salaries are no longer enough. Today's workforce prioritizes on-demand pay financial stability and control.

That's where CashD, our revolutionary Real-Time Remuneration program, comes in. We empower your staff with instant access to their earned wages, ditching the traditional pay cycle delays.

Key Features of CashD:

· Multi-Platform Availability: CashD is accessible through our Android and iOS mobile apps in addition to our Progressive Web App, making it convenient for all users to access instant pay

· Comprehensive Employer Portal: Our platform includes a detailed employer portal where managers can view employee balances, transactions, and deductions.

· White Labelling and Custom Communications: Employers can customize our WebApp to match their brand and send personalized communications to their workforce.

Benefits for employers:

· Enhanced Retention: Real-time access to earnings shows your commitment to their financial well-being, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

· Competitive Advantage: Stand out! Real-time remuneration attracts top talent and positions your firm as an employer of choice.

· Streamlined Processes: CashD integrates seamlessly with your existing payroll, workforce management and HR/HRIS solutions, minimizing administrative burdens.

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