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BundyPlus specialises in workforce time and attendance solutions. Our offerings include time capture solutions, a mobile app, physical terminals, biometric recognition technology, real-time data, timesheet review and approval, automatic work rules, time interpretation, geofencing, and integration with MYOB. This comprehensive solution enables businesses to efficiently manage and track employee working hours using advanced technologies, making it a valuable tool for accurate, real-time workforce management.

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MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB Advanced Workforce Management
MYOB Business
MYOB EXO Business
MYOB Greentree

BundyPlus is a company that specialises in providing workforce time and attendance solutions. Founded in 2004, the company offers a range of tools and technologies to help businesses effectively manage employee attendance and timekeeping. Here's a breakdown of some of the key features and offerings BundyPlus provides:

  1. Time Capture Solutions: BundyPlus offers a comprehensive suite of time capture solutions. These solutions are designed to capture and record employee working hours accurately.

  2. Mobile App: They have a mobile app, which is likely available on smartphones and tablets, allowing employees to easily clock in and out or record their working hours using their mobile devices.

  3. Terminals: BundyPlus also provides physical terminals, which can be set up at the workplace for employees to clock in and out using these devices. This is a more traditional method of time tracking.

  4. Biometric Recognition Technology: One of the cutting-edge technologies BundyPlus offers is face and fingerprint recognition. This allows employees to clock in and out using biometric recognition, providing an efficient and secure way to track time.

  5. Real-Time Data: The system captures and provides real-time data on employee hours. This allows business owners to have up-to-the-minute information about their workforce's attendance and working hours.

  6. Timesheet Review and Approval: BundyPlus enables business owners to review and approve timesheets before processing payroll. This helps ensure accuracy and prevents overpayments.

  7. Automatic Work Rules: The system comes with advanced automatic work rules to detect missing or out-of-tolerance clockings. This feature helps in identifying and addressing discrepancies in employee time records.

  8. Time Interpretation: BundyPlus offers automatic time interpretation, distinguishing between ordinary and overtime hours. It also includes rounding and automatic break features, which streamline the processing of employee hours.

  9. Geofencing: Geofencing technology is incorporated, allowing businesses to set up specific geographic areas where employees are expected to clock in and out. It can generate reports and alerts for clockings within or outside of defined areas.

  10. Integration with MYOB: BundyPlus offers seamless integration with MYOB Advance Payroll, MYOB Advance WFM, MYOB Business, MYOB Greentree, MYOB IMS and MYOB PayGlobal. These integrations simplifies timesheet processing by utilising advanced biometric and contactless time capture technologies.

In summary, BundyPlus offers a comprehensive time and attendance management solution that helps businesses efficiently track and manage employee working hours. Their use of advanced technologies like biometric recognition and geofencing, along with integration with accounting software, makes it a valuable tool for businesses seeking accurate, real-time data for their workforce management needs.

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