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Dynamics CRM MYOB Connector

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
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AutoBill is an add-on to AccountRight for any business, organisation or association that wants to move their customer interaction to an efficient on-line self-service process. The on-line invoicing, payment and customer self-service options, make it quick and easy for customers to pay, ensuring a positive cash-flow that is the lifeblood of all businesses. In addition for businesses with an ever increasing need to support complex recurring billing and payment processes, AutoBill automates that, ensuring businesses spend more time selling, and less time manually processing invoices and payments.

Key Features

  • Rich interface (just like your favourite desktop applications)

  • Simple column sorting

  • Powerful search

  • Define key billing information, control their frequency and length of billing

  • Define their Payment Method (Direct Debit or Pay Now)

  • Easily enter and view customer notes

  • Subscription Billing

  • Automated Invoicing

  • Renewal Management

  • Simple Auto-Payments

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