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Apxium Collect

Apxium’s Collect solution is the answer to all your accounts receivable needs. Client communication, engagements, electronic payments, funding, reconciliations, reporting and more.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB Practice Management
Get Apxium Get Paid

With Apxium Collect, Accounting Practices approve the invoice and Apxium Collect does the rest to ensure the firm is paid. Once approved, Apxium Collect sends the invoice and offers the payer multiple payment options; including EFT, credit card and  instalment arrangements. 

Apxium’s Collect solution collects and processes the payment before automatically sending the client a receipt and reconciling the payment into the practice’s GreatSoft, MYOB AE/AO and MYOB Advanced Practice Management software; all without any manual intervention whatsoever. 

Regular Billing and Payments
With our deep data integration with GreatSoft, MYOB AE/AO and MYOB Advanced practice management systems, Apxium Collect fully automates your practice’s invoice presentation and payments, along with serving invoices with aggregated statements, overdue reminders and SMSs if you wish. 

To make a payment via EFT and credit card, your clients click on smart links (with no login required) to self-serve information within their client portal, available 24/7.

For the practice, all payments are FULLY and AUTOMATICALLY receipted within the practice’s practice management system, whilst any changes made within GreatSoft, MYOB AE/AO and MYOB Advanced are AUTOMATICALLY updated in Apxium Collect.

Fee Funding and Regular Instalment Plans
Apxium Collect helps your clients pay you faster. 

With Apxium Collect, accounting practices have access to cloud-based Invoice Funding.
The practice receives 100% of the invoice amount in two business days whilst your client pays a small fee. Alternatively, the accounting practice can automate the collection of outstanding funds over any period and frequency you choose, at no cost to the client. 

All payments are automatically cash receipted in GreatSoft, MYOB AE/AO and MYOB Advanced.

Electronic Engagements with Automated Direct Debits
Accountants can easily create electronic engagements, templates and workflows within the Engagements Dashboard and send them to the client for review.

Your clients can sign electronically and choose the preferred payment method which is automatically captured; allowing your firm to debit as per the agreement. 

All direct debit payments are automatically reconciled and cash receipted against the GreatSoft, MYOB AE/AO and MYOB Advanced invoice.

About Apxium
Apxium delivers an entire financial technology (FinTech) toolkit, purpose-built for accounting firms to solve their most complex pain points around accounts receivable, compliance and collecting payments.

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