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Every Australian business must be Single-Touch Payroll compliant by 1 July 2019. MYOB is ready. Learn more.

Pay staff, super, organise timesheets and more...

payroll with precision

Payroll with precision

Pay your staff electronically, keep and share timesheets, manage PAYG and automatically calculate leave. It’ll be right the first time – every time.

Automatic tax updates

Automatic tax updates

It's not your job to keep up with the ins and outs of tax rates - that's ours. So we provide you with automatic updates for payroll tax tables every financial year.

We're on top of new legislation, too. Single Touch Payroll is here and you can bet we're ready.

Powerful reports

Better data means better planning. Run detailed reports on past pay runs, year-to-date activity, PAYG summaries and more.

Easy super

Easy super

Superannuation is one thing you can’t afford to get wrong. Our software is made working hand-in-hand with the ATO, so you know you’re always within the law.


What our customers say

Percentage 80 %

The percentage of customers that say they're now more compliant with payroll laws after switching to MYOB*

Our customers say they’ve cut two-thirds from their payroll admin time each month since using MYOB**

*8 out of 10 MYOB Online users say the move to MYOB Online has helped their business to stay more compliant with payroll laws. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.

**For businesses new to accounting software, MYOB Online has cut their time spent on managing payroll each month by two-thirds. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.


Payroll comes with our accounting software


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25% off for 12 months

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Online accounting software great for new and smaller businesses


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Online or offline accounting software with job tracking and inventory

^ This offer is valid until 11:59pm AEST on 31st July 2019, unless otherwise varied by us. The discount applies to the first 12 months of an AccountRight or Essentials subscription, excluding Essentials Payroll, for one company data file only. By purchasing this offer, you acknowledge that you have read the full discount offer terms and conditions.

Looking for payroll for 1-4 employees?

A faster, better way to do your payroll and stay on the ATO's good side - all for $10 a month.


Connect to your favourite business tools

Extend your payroll by automating tasks, track time and attendance, create online rosters, timesheets, pay rates and more. Connect your existing software or search in our directory.


Get even more stuff done...

*MYOB Online users say they now spend half-a-day a month less, each and every month, on payroll tasks, than they did when using a competitor software. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.