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Inventory management software:
manage your stock

What does better stock management look like?

No more over-ordering

Better margins

More money in your pocket


Build higher profits with more accurate inventory


Get a better picture

Small mistakes in inventory can devour your margins. View what you’ve sold, what you need to buy (and when), to perfect your ordering and profit.


Accurate stock levels

Don't rely on your physical counts anymore. Easily track purchases, sales, orders and what’s on the shelves... even as volumes grow.


Take a deep dive

Combine individual stock components, track them during assembly, back order, create stocktakes and adjust balances, transfer and reconcile items.


Analyse and decide

Greater visibility means greater control, right? Run reports to compare physical to counted stock, or purchase cost versus selling price. Easily view profitability and performance.


What our customers say

Fraction 9 /10

The number of MYOB customers who say we have "improved the simplicity" of their accounting and bookkeeping*

Percentage 80 %

The percentage of new subscribers to MYOB who say they're "happier" compared to what they used previously.*

*9/10 online subscribers say the service has ‘improved the simplicity’ of their accounting & book-keeping processes. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.

**4 out of 5 new online subscribers to MYOB state that they’re ‘happier’ with their software now than what they were using previously. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.


AccountRight offers powerful and accurate stock management

Do you only need to keep a basic list of your items? Check out Essentials


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Online or offline accounting software with job tracking and inventory

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Connect to your favourite business tools

Customise, extend and tailor to your industry. Import data from eCommerce apps, run reports and drill down into order management, stocktake and shipping. Connect your existing software or search in our directory.