Bank reconciliation:
save half a day every month*

What could you do with that time?

Spend time with family

Actually plan ahead

Catch some waves


Automate your transactions, reclaim your time


Link and auto-match

Link your bank account, set up rules and every transaction is automatically attributed to a category. It'll make your life easier for tax returns, and you can quickly run reports on your past spending.


You don’t need to do a thing

Step one: you send an invoice. Step two: your client pays, the bank transaction is (securely) fed straight into your MYOB software. Step three: MYOB automatically matches and updates your accounts.


Error-free guarantee

We’re the only bank feeds provider in Australia with a quality guarantee. That means no duplicate data, and no mistakes. That's why our bank feeds are the best.


130+ providers

Our solid relationship with 130+ financial institutions, including rural supplier accounts, means we offer a huge range of bank feeds.


What our customers say

Price $ 3000

Our customers save $3,000 each year by automating bank tasks*

Percentage 75 %

The percentage of MYOB customers who say bank reconciliation is easier with us*

*MYOB Online users save over $3,000 pa on time spent doing manual bank reconciliation tasks. MYOB Proof Points Study, 2017

**3 out of 4 MYOB Online users agree that MYOB Online makes their bank reconciliations easier, more accurate, less manual and quicker to do. MYOB Proof Points Study, 2017.



You can link bank accounts to both our accounting software products:


Online accounting software great for new and smaller businesses


Online or offline accounting software with job tracking and inventory