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Need a window into the future of small business? The role of technology in today's market? MYOB has the answers.

29% of people surveyed said that the biggest barrier to innovation that companies face is the cost to develop and introduce new technologies, followed government regulations at 26%

MYOB Future of Business: The Age of Change

As business owners and operators we're in a unique position. We know change is coming - we can see it everywhere, from the way customers order coffee to how we manage our finances.

But are we truly ready for an age of change - of a magnitude that will transform everything we know, to the point that the way we do business tomorrow will be unrecognisable today?

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Transforming the mid-market

In this report, we surveyed 276 mid-market businesses from across the country to measure the performance of the Australian mid-market. In doing so, we seek to highlight the challenges they face and identify the barriers to their growth. We also hope to help bring their significance into greater focus and ultimately support their success.

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