Future of business

The enormous growth in technological capabilities has given rise to fears that computers and robots will take over our jobs and even our lives. But in reality, the future is much more likely to see technology further develop to support and enhance everything we do. Nowhere is this more likely to be evident than in business. In MYOB’s Future of Business reports we explore the technological developments that will allow humans to transform the way we live, work and interact.

"Looking 20 or 30 years into the future not only helps us start preparing for what might be coming along, but also gives us new ways of thinking about what we are doing now, and the processes and preconceptions that might be holding business back."

Simon Raik-Allen, MYOB Chief Technology Officer

June 2017 - MYOB Future of Business: The Age of Change

As business owners and operators we're in a unique position. We know change is coming - we can see it everywhere, from the way customers order coffee to how we manage our finances.

But are we truly ready for an age of change - of a magnitude that will transform everything we know, to the point that the way we do business tomorrow will be unrecognisable today?

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October 2016 - MYOB Future of Business: The Next 25 Years

In the last three decades, technology has developed in leaps and bounds, completely changing the way we work, how we live, and generally how society operates.

It’s hard to predict exactly how the next three decades will change the way we do business, but by looking to our past experiences for clues and identifying the trends that are evolving now, we can see a future that is more connected and enabled by technology, that offers more opportunity for rewarding work and entertaining lifestyle, and brings people together from around the world.

And, contrary to popular belief, people will remain at the core of success for businesses  of the future.

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May 2016 - MYOB Future of Business: The Augmented Human

The third part of MYOB’s Future of Business series looks at how evolving technologies are driving the next stage in human evolution. We explore the augmentations that – based on current trends and developments – will make a fundamental difference in how we live our lives. This includes the new experiences that are opening up in the merging fields of computer science and biology. We imagine a future where the brain and body become increasingly blended with digital and physical technology, to create the ultimate augmented-human society.

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Sept 2015 – MYOB Future of Business: Surviving the Singularity

Worried about how to impress your robot supervisor at your next performance review? Concerned the autonomous barista at the business next door might make a better coffee than you do? Is your courier company in danger of losing a contract to a firm of drones? This could soon be the reality for businesses around New Zealand as technology reaches the point when machines are capable of independent thought, a concept known as the singularity. It is predicted by some experts to occur within as little as 10 years.

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Feb 2015 - MYOB Future of Business - 2040 Australia

In the first Future of Business report we examine the future of business and work over the next 25 years, as well as the impact of a number of developing technologies.

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