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Centralised customer and contact management

Effective customer and contact management is at the core of any successful business. Share and manage contact information more efficiently with a customisable, centralised client management system.

A rendering of the MYOB CRM portal, with the contacts tab selected.

Deliver customer excellence with MYOB CRM

Give your business an advantage by having one source of truth for all your customer data.

A rendering of a threaded conversation card in MYOB CRM.

Optimise your customer service level

Access real-time history of your customers' interactions with your business. Improve customer satisfaction with the ability to communicate precise order details.

And, MYOB CRM records and stores all customer interactions in one place, with the ability to categorise all emails, phone calls, tasks and activity history against contact records.

A rendering of the MYOB CRM contact lookup.

Maintain a robust, scalable database

Excel was never intended to be used as a replacement for a full-featured CRM.

Unlike Excel, MYOB CRM is a flexible, scalable and robust business solution that can handle all your customer's information and link it to operational and sales activities across your entire business.

A rendering of the MYOB CRM contact database.

Access information easily with quick search functionality

MYOB CRM allows easy access to data based on custom list criteria including behaviours, sales stage, demographic, geographic and total spend.

Locate information quickly through customised searches and predetermined filters and views. Search using specific criteria to quickly bulk update or export.

A rendering of an MYOB CRM contact card.

One single source of information

Maintaining different databases for client information becomes unsustainable in keeping important data synchronised and well-managed. MYOB CRM brings all data together in a simple to use yet powerful system.

See MYOB CRM in action

Watch a MYOB CRM demo, tailored to your business needs

Choose which features you’d like to know more about, and we'll instantly send you a personalised demo of MYOB CRM specific to your business needs.

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Keep track of every interaction with MYOB CRM

A rendering of a work order in MYOB CRM.

Effortlessly manage communications and tasks

Assign and track tasks and meetings, sort by type and record outcomes so you have a full view of your customer story. You can also view calendars for other users and various resources you have set up in your system.

We’ll meet you where you are

MYOB CRM plays nicely with the tools you already use.

No need to leave the nest

In addition to other MYOB services, MYOB CRM integrates with leading e-Commerce, accounting, tax and payment solutions, including Xero, Stripe and more. Plug in your favourite business management apps and keep your company soaring.

Watch a MYOB CRM demo, tailored to your business needs

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