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Entering purchases

Not available in AccountRight Basics

Enter supplier quotes, orders and bills in AccountRight, to make it easy to track what you buy over time, and what you owe your suppliers.

Record quotes, orders and bills

You can track the stage and progress of each purchase, from quote to bill:

  • Enter a quote to store an estimate or quote you received from one of your suppliers. A quote has no impact on your inventory levels and can be changed to an order or a bill when you are ready to purchase.

  • An order is a purchase where no service or item has been received yet. While orders don't affect your financial figures, they do affect your inventory levels.
    Orders don’t create transactions unless you have paid a deposit to the supplier. An order can be changed to a bill but not a quote.

  • If you receive items you've ordered but haven't yet been billed for them, you can record a 'receive item' transaction.
    When you record items received, the item is added to your inventory and the cost of the item is added to an accrual account for inventory items until you record a purchase for it.
    An accounts payable transaction is not recorded at this time. You can only record a received items transaction in the item layout, and only against an order.

  • bill is created when you receive the items or services you ordered and are required to pay the supplier (that is, you have been charged for the purchase).
    Recording a bill will update the appropriate accounts, including the account for tracking payables. Bills can be open (unpaid), closed (paid) or debit (negative purchase). A bill can't be changed to a quote or an order.

Choose the right purchase layout

To help you record the information you need about each purchase, there are several data-entry layouts you can choose from: 

  • Item: If you've set up items and services in your Items List, use this layout to easily select what's being purchased.

  • Service: Use this layout when buying items and services that are not in your Items List.

  • Professional: This layout is ideal if you want to keep track of the progress of work you're having done by the supplier. You can record the dates of the work performed.

  • Miscellaneous: Only use this layout when recording adjustments, or purchases that will never require a form to be printed or emailed, such as debit notes.

You can personalise the way your purchases print. You can add your logomove things around, and add or remove fields.

Four ways to enter a purchase

The way you enter a purchase depends on the information you need to enter (is it a simple cash purchase or did you order stock?), or whether you have a bill from your supplier that you can upload. For simple purchases made by card (such as petrol paid for on a credit card), you can add the transaction directly from a bank feed.


Enter a detailed purchase

You can enter a purchase using the Purchases window: This window enables you to record lots of information about the purchase, the payment, freight, and tax.

Learn how to enter a purchase in the Purchases window.


Upload a document

If you add the documents you receive from suppliers to your In Tray, it's quick and easy to create a new bill.

Learn how to add or email a document to your In Tray.

Enter a transaction from a bank feed

If you're using bank feeds, purchased on card and you don't need to track the supplier purchase (such as a petrol or stationery purchase), you can add the transaction when you approve the bank feed (you can even a set up a rule to automatically record future purchases).

Learn how to approve bank feed transactions.

Enter a cash purchase

A quick way to enter a cash purchase is using the Bank Register window. You only record the key information about the purchase, but you can record more detail later.

Learn how to enter a cash purchase.