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Reviewing and approving a tax notice

Unlike reviewing a tax return, sending a tax notice for review is optional.

If you choose to send a tax notice for review, the Send for review option updates the status of the tax notice to In review. If you want someone else in your practice to review the tax notice before you send it to your client, they can approve it and the status of the tax notice updates to Ready for client.

If your practice regularly reviews each other's work, this will help you keep track of whether it's ready to send to your client.

If you're a sole trader or will review the tax notice yourself, you can skip this step by clicking Next and selecting Mark as Ready for client.

When you're reviewing a tax notice, you can

  • Add comments to it

  • export the information to a spreadsheet

These are optional steps when reviewing, but can be a useful way of keeping track of your work before sending it to your client.