MYOB Refund & Return Policy

  1. ‘Change of Mind’ Refund Policy

    Clients should take the time to choose their product and service carefully as MYOB does not provide “Change of Mind” refunds.
    To ensure that clients have the best opportunity to choose the correct product or service for their needs, MYOB provides several ways to evaluate our products and services prior to purchasing.

    • Trial versions are available free to clients to evaluate our products 
    • Introductory periods of businesSUPPORT are included with a product purchase to evaluate our services.
    • Telephone advice by contacting 0800 60 69 62.
    • In person advice via Accountants, Certified Consultants and Resellers.
  2. Cancellations

    Refunds for Cancellations will only be accepted under the following circumstances.

    • Stock purchases – cancellations providing stock has not been shipped.
    • businesSUPPORT purchases – within 4 working hours of purchase.
  3. Returns

    If you have purchased your MYOB product from an Approved Partner/Reseller/PAC member or retailer, your return must be directed back to that seller, and dealt with under their returns policy. If purchased from MYOB, all authorised returns must be accompanied by an RA (Return Authorisation) request, which is issued by MYOB. These goods must be returned at the Clients’ cost within 14 days of the delivery date. Issue of an RA number does not guarantee replacement, credit or refund. Goods returned without a valid RA will not be accepted and will be returned at the clients cost

  4. Payment Variations

    When a payment is received that differs to a quoted amount for businesSUPPORT, MYOB may adjust the period of businesSUPPORT, proportionally.

  5. Credit Notes

    If a credit note is issued to a client, the credit note will remain valid for 6 months from its date of issue.

  6. Refund process

    Requests for refund must be received in writing. You can write to MYOB as follows:

Mail to: Refund Requests
PO Box 2864
Fax to: 0800 94 96 96

A refund will be processed within 4 weeks of receipt of request.
- Refund of credit card payments will be made to the card initially used.
- All other refunds will be paid via cheque or direct credit. Please allow additional time for postage. In the case of direct credit, bank details will be required to complete refund.

Note: Replacement cheques will not be issued until at least 2 weeks after the original processing date.