Simple measures to ensure you get what you pay for

Software piracy is a problem worldwide. While a pirated product may appear to be a cheaper product at the point of purchase, in the long term it could cost a small business dearly.

This is why MYOB developed the company file activation and confirmation system. This simple process gives you the reassurance that you are using an authentic product that can be trusted with your valuable business data.

How to activate/confirm your product


When prompted to activate or confirm, follow the instructions in your software.


To activate or confirm via the web, visit my.MYOB:

Phone self-service

Call our automated self-service number: 0800 69 69 62

Unable to activate or confirm?

  • If you're still having problems, call us on 0800 60 69 62, 9.00 am - 5:00 pm.


What is company file activation?

MYOB has developed the company file activation process to protect against potential piracy and provide you with the reassurance that you are using an authentic product that can be trusted with your valuable business data. Company file activation is a simple process that authenticates you as the registered user of the software. This process will also take you through registering your MYOB software, if it's not already registered. You can choose to activate your company file either online or via the MYOB automated telephone process.

Is activation the same as product registration?

No, product registration only captures your key business contact information to allow MYOB to identify your business and provide you with support and updates.The activation process authenticates you as the registered user of the software.If your MYOB software has not been registered you will be guided through the registration process prior to activating your company files.

Which MYOB products require company file activation?

Company file activation is required in several MYOB software products, including MYOB AccountRight Standard, MYOB AccountRight Plus, MYOB AccountRight Premier, MYOB AccountRight Enterprise, MYOB AccountEdge and MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition.

How do I activate my company files?

You can choose to activate your company file online or via the MYOB automated telephone process when prompted by your MYOB software. In both cases the activation process should take less than a minute.

How do I confirm my company files?

After you activate your company file you will be required to periodically "confirm" that you are the registered user of that company file. You can confirm the company file using the same online or phone process used when activating the file.

How often do I need to activate and then confirm my company files?

Each company file that you create or upgrade needs to be activated once only. If you are creating a company file for the first time you will have 30 days to activate it; if you are upgrading a company file from a previous MYOB software product you will have 30 days to complete this process.Four to nine months after activating your company file, you will be prompted to confirm the file through the same simple process.

What happens if I don't activate or confirm a company file?

If you haven't had a chance to activate or confirm within the time period allowed, the company file will revert to read-only status. This means you can still view your business information, print reports and export data, but you won't be able to enter new transactions or make changes.If you want to continue entering transactions in the company file, simply activate or confirm the file online or via the automated phone system.

What information is sent to MYOB when activating a company file?

When you register your software, a record is added to our database that contains your basic contact details and program licence details, including your product serial number. MYOB also records how many company files you have activated under your product serial number.

During activation, information is sent to MYOB to identify your product (this includes your serial number and the unique company file code for that company file), and to identify your business (your company name and ABN/GST number [NZ]). MYOB then provides you with a confirmation code to complete activation.

We do not obtain any business data from your company file.

Will MYOB be including product activation features in any other software products?

MYOB is currently reviewing its other software products and may include a similar activation process in the future. MYOB will keep you informed of any changes to activation and confirmation of its other software products.

How many company files can I activate?

MYOB clients who register AccountRight Basics, AccountRight Standard, AccountRight Plus, AccountEdge and AccountEdge Network Edition will receive one company data file upon registration.

MYOB clients who register AccountRight Premier and AccountRight Enterprise will receive five company data files upon registration.

Clients can buy extra company data files at the prices listed below:
AccountRight Basics $134.85
AccountRight Standard $209.85
AccountRight Plus $269.85
AccountRight Premier $299.85
AccountRight Enterprise $824.85
AccountEdge Basic $119.85
AccountEdge Pro $254.85
AccountEdge Network Edition $344.85
Payroll $299.85

Additional online data files:

Annual Price Additional Datafile excl GST

MYOB AccountRight Basics $240.00
MYOB AccountRight Standard $264.00
MYOB AccountRight Plus $374.40
MYOB AccountRight Premier $480.00

Monthly Additional Datafile excl GST

MYOB AccountRight Live Basics $20.00
MYOB AccountRight Live Standard $22.00
MYOB AccountRight Live Plus $31.20
MYOB AccountRight Premier $40.00

*All prices listed are exclusive of GST. 
**Prices current as of 1 June 2019

Should you require additional company data files, please call MYOB New Zealand on 0800 60 69 62 and we can discuss your exact needs.

Should I activate ALL my company files?

No. You should only activate your current company files - the files into which you are still entering data.

If you have upgraded company files from prior years or have restored and upgraded older-version backup files, do not activate them unless you need to continue entering data into them.

If you need to restore and upgrade an old company file to view historical information only, choose the "I want to activate my company file later" option when opening the file, until the file goes into read-only mode.

I have already activated my company file, why am I being asked to activate again?

Once you have activated your company file, the Activation message will only reappear when you upgrade your company file or when you open another company file that has not yet been activated.

Before activating a company file, check that it is your most current file:

  1. Open your company file.
  2. Select the "I want to activate my company file later" option in the Activation window.
  3. Browse the transaction journals to locate the date of the last transaction entered.
  4. If it appears to be your most current company file (not a company file from a previous year or a restored backup file), activate it by going to the Help menu and choosing Activate Company File.

I have activated the maximum number of company files my MYOB product licence allows. How can I activate another?

You have two options:

  1. Purchase additional company files by calling 0800 69 69 62
  2. Cancel company files you no longer enter data into.

What is company file cancellation?

Each time you activate an MYOB company file (data file) an ID is allocated to the file. This ID is stored in the company file and in MYOB's own activation database. Your MYOB product licence allows a limited number of company files to be "active" at any point in time.

Only company files into which you enter new information should be activated. Unless you request to have the file cancelled, it will be considered "active" and will have an active company file ID. Download the Company File Cancellation Request (PDF 213KB) for more information about cancellation process and to complete your request.

Please Note – When a company file is cancelled, it will be permanently set to read only mode. In read-only mode you can view, print and export transactions and reports; however you cannot enter new records or transactions.

If you have any queries regarding the cancellation process, please contact MYOB Customer Service on to 0800 60 69 62.


Common Errors

Error message - Unable to perform online confirmation

Possible Cause - You may not be connected to the Internet or your computer’s firewall may not allow online confirmation

Solution - We recommend you try confirming your company file by phone 0800 69 69 62

Error message - Unable to perform online confirmation (during activation) 

Possible Cause - This error occurred during the file activation process and may occur when you have already activated the maximum number of files (the company file limit) allowed under your software serial number and the software licence

Solution - When you purchased your software, you received a company file limit. When this limit is reached, you can purchase licence extensions to activate more files or you can cancel files you no longer need.  You need to phone MYOB Customer Service for assistance 0800 60 69 62.

Error message - The confirmation code is not valid

Possible Cause - If you confirmed the file by phone, you may have entered the code incorrectly. The code you entered may be for a different software version.

Solution - For more information, please read the information contained in our Online Help -

Error message - Unable to confirm this company file

Possible Cause - There are a number of reasons why this company file could not be confirmed.   For more information, please read the information contained in our Online Help - 

Solution - You need to phone MYOB Customer Service for assistance 0800 60 69 62.

Error message - The serial number you have entered is invalid

Possible Cause - The serial number you have entered is does not match any that we have on record.

Solution - Please check the serial number on your software box or documentation, then - using only numeric characters - enter the 12-digit serial number again.

Error message - Your software is not registered

Possible Cause - You need to register your software before you can activate a company file.   Once registration is complete, you can continue to activate your company file.

Solution - You can register your software online now.