Tell me more about Company File (Product) Activation

Some versions of MYOB software require Company File Activation. If your question isn't answered here, please contact our Sales Advice team at or call them on 0800 60 69 62.

What is Company File Activation?

Company file activation is a simple procedure that protects your software license against misuse through a seamless notification process in which your ownership information is verified from time to time.

Is this the same as registering my product?

No. If you haven't yet registered your product, you will need to do so before you can activate your company file. Register your product online or complete the Registration Card that came with your product, and post or fax it to us.

How often do I need to activate my company file?

The activation process is required for each new company file you create. From time to time you will get a message prompting you to confirm your company file(s) through the same simple procedure. This should take just a quick moment.

How many company files may I activate?

You may activate as many company files as your MYOB Product software licence allows. MYOB BusinessBasics, Accounting, Accounting Plus, Premier, Premier Enterprise and AccountEdge allow for five company files. MYOB Payroll allows for 1 company file. Should you wish to create more company files, please call our Sales Advice team on 0800 60 69 62 (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm).

Do I have to activate or confirm my backup or archived company files?

No. Your backup or archived files do not need to be activated or confirmed. Archived or backed up files are not counted towards the # of activated company files.

What happens if I fail to activate my company file?

If you do not activate your company file within 30 days, the file will become read-only. This means you will only be able to print, export and read the data.

Is my company information secure during online Company File Activation?

Yes. Please be assured that the online procedure sends only your Serial Number and Company File Code through the process. Your company file and contact information remain secure.

Where do I direct my questions regarding Company File Activation?

Our Sales Advice team will be happy to answer your questions. Please call 0800 60 69 62 (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm).

How can I be sure that MYOB won't use the activation/confirmation service to force me to upgrade my software?

The process of activation/confirmation is independent of any changes to the software in the future. MYOB will continue to confirm a particular version of the software for a minimum period of 6 years from the first release of the 2004 versions of the MYOB accounting software. We believe that this is a generous period given the substantial changes to business regulations and processes that occur in that period. We believe that every business will have changed their business needs, their software and their computer system during this period.

How can I be sure that MYOB won't at some point in the future choose to charge for the process of validation?

MYOB won't ever charge a fee for the process of validating your company file. To do so would go against our company values and damage our good reputation.

How do I deactivate a company file?

To deactivate a company file, contact our Sales Advice team on 0800 60 69 62. You will still have read-only access to the file, allowing you to view data, print reports etc.