Understand your true performance with MYOB AO Practice Manager


Integration with AO Classic

After upgrading to MYOB AO Practice Manager, you can use AO Classic modules like you do right now. Rest assured, tight integration between MYOB AO and AO Classic modules means your client data is maintained and up-to-date.

Powerful insights

You can see exactly how you’re tracking against your budget – right from the desktop – at any time. Don’t wait for reports at the end of a month. Information is now at your fingertips every time you log in.

Every team member has their own digital dashboard. At a glance, see a snapshot overview of practice WIP so nothing is missed.

Easier timesheet navigation

When the full MYOB AO suite is released, you’ll be able to access timesheets with one click from anywhere in the suite - using the MYOB AO Tool Bar. Then, once inside a timesheet, simply navigate back and forth between days to quickly review or amend.

Simplified billing

The new billing wizard walks you through each stage of invoice creation - simplifying the process of allocating WIP to invoices.

Never miss deadlines

Managing practice jobs has never been easier with enhanced filtering and drag-drop functionality in the main workflow screen. A single mouse click filters out jobs that are about to break budget or miss deadlines. Users can simply group jobs to see what is due in a week, what jobs are held up with queries, and work ready to be billed - without having to run a report.

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