How to upgrade

Everything you need to upgrade to the new AO

Arrange your upgrade

In order to arrange your upgrade, contact your sales specialist on 0800 696 227. They will talk you through all the benefits of AO, what to expect during the upgrade, and how to process your order.

When you receive your upgrade pack, you’ll receive a DVD – but don’t upgrade just yet.

Conduct this checklist before your upgrade

This checklist is crucial - it must be completed before installing next generation AO software. But don’t fret. Here are the details for each step of your upgrade checklist:


Run the client check

In your AO Classic software, click “file”, then “housekeeping”, and “Check Client ID”


Make sure you’re running AO Classic 16.0.0.

You can check in the “Help” menu by clicking “About MYOB Accountants Office”. Not using 16.0.0?

Download it here

Run the AO pre-migration check.

Clean your data and check your hardware by accessing the pre-migration utility in the “Housekeeping” menu of AO Classic 16.0.0. This is a critical part of the upgrade. Don’t skip it.


Ensure that AO Classic Debtors is running in “Open Item” mode.

To check, select “tools”, then “options” in Classic. Click the “Advanced” button, and make sure the “debtor type” is set to “Open Item”.


Check your licenses.

Do you have more than one computer running AO Classic, you need to check if you have enough licenses. Call us on 0800 696 227 and we’ll help you confirm your licenses.


Upgrade to MYOB AO!

Using the DVD in your upgrade pack, the installation wizard will guide you through everything you need to upgrade. You won't be able to use your Classic software, so please plan in advance for this.

Do you need more details?

We are offering chargeable MYOB Consulting Services where one of our expert consultants completes the upgrade for you and provides thorough training on MYOB AO.

Visit the Support page to find out more.

how to upgrade your AO account

What about your other modules?

For existing AO clients in New Zealand, the upgrade is provided as part of your software maintenance - so there will be no charge for the modules you already have.  

However, there is key information you should be aware of when it comes to updating your modules. Much of this information is located on your MYOB AO installation DVD, but here is some key information you should know:

how to upgrade your AO account

Upgrading to MYOB AO Practice Manager

When you access MYOB AO Practice Manager for the first time, you'll see all your existing client jobs, current milestones, WIP balances for each job, and outstanding debtor transactions as at the date of upgrade. Details on individual WIP transactions will remain available in AO Classic.

The majority of practice management set up information such as job types, employee charge rates, codes for Time and Disbursements and more also appear.  

For full details on exactly what information will come from AO Classic to MYOB AO, access the Getting Started Guide under the 'transition' section on the MYOB AO installation DVD or Help Centre.

There are some post-installation steps you need to take that will be covered in our complementary Installing MYOB AO online seminar.

how to upgrade your AO account

AO Classic

Once the install is complete the AO Classic clients module becomes read-only and all clients must be managed through MYOB AO.

You will now be able to access AO Classic modules from MYOB AO.

how to upgrade your AO account

Upgrading to MYOB AO Tax Manager

When you access MYOB AO Tax Manager for the first time, you'll see that all of your clients have been converted from AO Classic. Any Tax management data (from the 2011 tax year onwards) that you previously accessed in AO Classic is now available in new AO Tax Manager.

For peace of mind, AO Tax Manager runs a post conversion check after installation to compare Tax Management data from AO Classic to AO Tax Manager.

From the Tax icon within MYOB AO, you can access all of your existing transactions, manage and reconcile IRD Data (account lookup) including assessments, produce tax notices, and monitor your filing statistics.

Tax return preparation and e-file will not be converted as part of this process. They will continue to be processed in AO Classic, with seamless integration to AO Tax Manager.

Other activities to streamline your upgrade:

Manage your MYOB eBulletin subscription on my.MYOB

The MYOB eBulletin is a regular email containing important product updates directly from our product experts. It’s important you’re set up to receive it. You can manage your subscription on my.MYOB, to ensure you only receive the information you choose to. Download the factsheet for information on how to get set up with my.MYOB.

Getting the most from MYOB AO

To ensure you make the most of the latest MYOB AO, make sure you attend our complimentary training sessions. We’ll be hosting the following online seminars to prepare, upgrade, and train you. Please ensure you allow time to attend these.

Upgrade to MYOB AO Today

Get in touch with your sales specialist to see how MYOB AO can take you practice to the next level.

Training and support for upgrading and operating the new AO is