Rural business solutions

Manage stock and get on top of budgeting and forecasting

To meet your IRD requirements every rural business needs to:

  • Track stock, ensuring that you provide:
    • Stock quantities
    • Dissections on transactions or journal entries
    • Supply compliant farm accounts
  • Report on stock
  • Supply a farm trading account
  • Reconcile your financial transactions

Managing Stock

BankLink allows you or your accountant to track stock purchases and sales – you can even track quantities in more detail.

We also allow dissections, so the correct amount can be allocated to the correct farm trading account. Flexibility allows the users to add a chart of accounts that covers all of the categories they need.


Budgeting is invaluable for rural businesses. BankLink allows you to report on actuals against budget and forecast for the future.

Use features available for smoothing, averaging and applying percentage increases and decreases on a line by line basis.


Easily track your profit and losses, cashflow, analyse your income and expenditure in more detail. You can even report at an item level whether you’re spending on feed, fertiliser or fuel.