How MYOB bank feeds keeps Raglan in the dough

Steve Dube describes how MYOB filled a hole in Raglan Bagel’s accounting setup.

Learnings from a creative carb connoisseur: 

  • Apply your skills in unexpected ways – unfamiliar industries can intimidate but focusing on strengths can help make new challenges more approachable.

  • Think outside the box – business ideas aren’t always obvious. Consider your interests from different angles to reveal interesting opportunities.

  • Keep community close – locals are often your biggest supporters, so make sure to look out for them.

Steve Dube moved to New Zealand seven years ago for love. And despite the quiet surfing town of Raglan being a world away from his native Montreal, he settled in effortlessly.

But the pandemic changed that. After losing his job in the manufacturing industry, Steve decided it was time to go against the grain and explore fresh career opportunities.

“I initially thought of becoming an accountant,” he says.

“But I was studying one day and realised that I didn’t want to be sitting around all the time crunching numbers.”

After going back to the drawing board, Steve was left scratching his head. In the end it was his biggest supporter who served up an appetising suggestion.

Steve smiles as he recalls the exchange. “My partner asked me: ‘why don’t you do bagels?’”

Steve holding a tray of bagels
Steve rolling out bagel dough
Freshly baked bagels on a tray

Sharing a piece of home with new neighbours

Before they were a livelihood, making bagels was a passion for Steve. More than just food, they’d been a way for Steve to stay connected with home.

"I’m a big foodie, and I always loved bagels in Montreal, so a few years ago I tried making them."
Steve Dube Owner | Raglan Bagels

“They ended up being pretty good, so I made some for friends and co-workers.”

A mix of Montreal and New York-style bagels, the combination of chewiness and crustiness hooked anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one.

So already knowing he had a good product, Steve ran with his partner’s suggestion by creating a Raglan Bagels social media page and planning his first big bake.

“I wanted to do a little test to see how people would react with the bagels.”

The experiment involved hiring a space in a local community kitchen and cooking up the first batch of Montreal-inspired bagels for Raglan.

“I made 150 bagels. After not even two hours I was sold out.

“After that we knew then there was definitely something going on.”

Connecting to community through food

Steve is now wholly dedicated to his business. He hires out a kitchen twice a week to satisfy Raglan’s growing hunger for bagels and sells directly to customers and wholesale to cafes.

“I’m making at least one thousand bagels every week,” he says. “It’s getting huge.

“I have a lot of customers – people are even coming from nearby Oakland.”

Steve knows the bagels are good, but what’s good grub without an appreciative audience?

More than just the quality of his product, community-mindedness has been a big factor in Steve’s success, and it’s something he likes to acknowledge.

"The community is really supportive. When you start a business, they’re there for you."
Steve Dube Owner | Raglan Bagels

“It’s what makes Raglan such an awesome town – everyone is helping each other.”

Steve sprinkling sesame seeds on bagels
Steve sitting outside using his laptop

Staying on top of orders with MYOB

Having already discovered accounting wasn’t his cup of tea, success meant Steve was soon needing an easy way to manage growing orders.

"Most of my customers are cafes, so it’s important to know when I get paid. Since finding MYOB, invoicing cafes has never been simpler."
Steve Dube Owner | Raglan Bagels

“With the bank feeds I always have updated accounts because they connect your bank account to the software and reconcile your accounts instantly.

“It’s really user-friendly and a big time saver.”

And as a business owner without a dedicated setup, Steve is also a big fan of MYOB’s portability.

“Because MYOB is in the cloud, I can easily access my dashboard anywhere.

“Sometimes I don’t have time to go on my PC, so I just can grab my phone and create an invoice.”

The risk and pay-off of adaptability

Reflecting on his own small business journey, Steve offers some food for thought for anyone considering moving industries.  

"It’s a funny time right now. There are a lot of people out there working and thinking: ‘Do I want to do this?"
Steve Dube Owner | Raglan Bagels
Steve speaking to a woman in a cafe

“COVID is waking us up to different opportunities.”

And Steve is the first to admit that different, while exciting, is not always easy. But by focusing on the positives, the tougher moments became less intimidating.

“There were some stressful moments. At first, I was scared because the food industry isn’t really my thing, but I’m a people person so I love customers. 

“But now I’m all good and I love it. So, if you want to start you own business, I’d just say go for it. 

“We just have one life, so do what you love.”

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