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Organising processes

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Business planning for beginners

A business plan turns your grand aims into concrete goals, and details key steps to help you get there. A sound, well-researched business plan ensures that you can make right decisions as you move forward and get finance to help your business grow. 

We've summarised the ultimate business plan in 10 steps, from drilling down on the characteristics of your audience to sketching out your sales and marketing strategy.

Getting the right people on your team

The recruitment process is crucial: the people you hire can boost your business or be its downfall.

To build a strong team and a strong business, you must of course start with picking the right people. After that, it's essential to invest in your employees by creating an environment that helps them continuously grow and feel motivated.

Retaining your customers

One of the most common business mistakes is prioritising the acquisition of new customers over the retention of the ones you have. 

While it's important to increase your customer base, keeping your customers coming back is essential to recurring revenue. Getting to know your customers and rewarding their spending will help you maintain and maximise the income they bring.

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Making a start on marketing

Marketing isn't just about attracting attention from the masses, it's about keeping customers engaged and loyal to your business. To achieve marketing success, you need to start by truly understanding your audience. This way, you can build your brand around their needs and behaviour and attract them to your business.

When devising your messaging, consistency is key: ensure that your branding is consistent, as well as the frequency of your content. This will make customers more likely to recognise and remember your brand, and develop an affinity for your business.

Planning the practical details

Process management can slip to the bottom of the to-do list when you’re busy running a business. But making the effort to organise your workspaces and improve day-to-day operations is how you build a business that runs easily and efficiently.

Documenting processes, organising your physical and virtual environments and creating schedules are some of the many key initiatives that help keep your business on track.

Running a business isn't easy. But if you prioritise organisation, develop well-researched strategies and get help when you need it, you'll be rewarded with time savings, efficiency and a strong, flourishing business.

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