MYOB Enterprise Solutions software must co-exist with technologies currently in the market or being developed by other software manufacturers. In some instances, MYOB Enterprise Solutions software is also dependant on the features and services provided by these technologies (also referred to as 'Environments').

MYOB has an on-going Environment Compatibility process that tests our software on commonly-used current environments so that our clients can be confident in its effective operation. Environments are deemed compatible based on our testing methodology, test results and information received from the relevant manufacturer.

The MYOB Compatible Environments Roadmap has been developed to provide you with information on current Compatible Environments and future plans, so that you can plan for the effective use of MYOB Enterprise Solutions software in your business. It is important that you check the MYOB Compatible Environments Roadmap regularly, including before you make any changes to your operating system or network.

Compatible Environments will change as manufacturers release new technologies and old ones become obsolete or are no longer supported by the manufacturer. The Compatible Environment Roadmap will be kept up to date in line with these changes.

New environments and technologies

MYOB aims to complete compatibility of appropriate emerging environments within six months of the manufacturer's release of the product. We recommend that our clients do not operate MYOB Enterprise Solutions software on new products until we have published a statement on the successful completion of the compatibility.

Using MYOB products with new Microsoft software and operating systems

MYOB is a Microsoft® Certified Gold Partner, and we work closely with Microsoft® to ensure that our products are compatible with Microsoft® solutions. As information becomes available on the status of each individual product we will update our Compatible Environments Roadmap. We expect products to be updated gradually over a number of months.

Older technologies

If you are intending to install or use any of the new Microsoft® products, please check the MYOB website prior to installing to check the status of them with your specific MYOB products.

As manufacturers release new environments, they usually discontinue support for older environments. As a general rule, MYOB can only certify products that are fully supported by their manufacturer.

In some cases, manufacturers may choose to discontinue their support of a product in stages. For example; the Microsoft® business product lifecycle has three support phases:

  • Mainstream support
  • Extended support
  • Self-help online support

Microsoft® only provides full support services on operating systems during the Mainstream phase. After this, Microsoft® will not update the application to address any bugs or issues and only provides limited support. As a result of this, MYOB will only verify operating systems that are in Mainstream support, as Microsoft® will not address any required changes in the other phases.

MYOB does not undertake any testing or quality assurance of its software on environments that are not currently compatible. While MYOB has a history of its software working on environments that are no longer supported by the manufacturer, and of addressing issues where feasible, we cannot guarantee that we can resolve such issues every time. For that reason, we recommend that our clients operate in current compatible environments.

Dates when older technologies will no longer be compatible are published in the Compatible Environments Roadmap. We provide notice when any major technologies are due not to be tested, so that you have time to plan and make any necessary changes.

Important notes

Compatible Environments change continuously based on developments in manufacturer's environments that are outside the control of MYOB. As such, MYOB reserves the right to change details published in the Compatible Environments Roadmap at any time.

The Compatible Environment Roadmap outlines specific versions of technologies. MYOB may choose to not address any issues that are discovered in MYOB Enterprise Solutions software on environments that are not listed in Compatible Environment Roadmap.

Using 3rd party products, other than those in this listing, to retrieve and write information to MYOB may compromise data integrity and cause incorrect results when using MYOB Enterprise Solutions software. MYOB does not support the use of applications that compromise MYOB data integrity.

Download the MYOB Enterprise Solutions System requirements (PDF)