Product Support Lifecycle

What it’s about & why it’s important

Every year MYOB invests in research and development to improve our software and services.  This involves regularly canvassing client and partner feedback and takes into account new and emerging technologies as well as the latest legislative requirements.  MYOB believes that using the latest software is the best way for our clients to help run their businesses effectively, gaining the full benefits of the investments made in the software.

The MYOB Enterprise Division Product Support Lifecycle policy is provided as a guideline to all stakeholders for the range of support services provided throughout each phase of a product version’s lifecycle.  By understanding the change in support services available for each release as it moves through its lifecycle, clients and partners are able to plan the management of business systems investment.

In summary, this policy ensures that MYOB continues to offer the optimal level of support through focusing our resources behind the most recent product releases to continually improve and enhance the strength of our solutions.