MYOB Exo Employer Services Support Terms and Conditions FAQs

1. What does my annual support plan cover?

As a guide your support plan provides technical support for your MYOB Exo Employer Services product typically but not limited to the following areas –

  • installation (to the point the demo company is available)
  • upgrade assistance
  • enhancement requests
  • basic usability and basic functionality as described in MYOB product documentation
  • clarification and explanation of the significance of error messages
  • provide assistance in determining whether an issue is program, database, or environment (includes hardware) related
  • registration and licensing issues

2. What’s not covered by my annual support plan?

Areas of support that are not covered by your plan include but are not limited to –

  • providing database repair and administration
  • creating, updating, or supporting any modifications/customizations, including customized reports, or third-party products
  • assisting with network troubleshooting and support
  • providing product training
  • installing upgrades or service packs
  • providing accounting, legislation or taxation support (please contact a designated accounting professional, the IRD or the Department of Labour)

Your technical support consultant will be able to advise you of alternatives for any areas not covered by your annual support plan.

3. I pay a licence fee every year for my software, why isn’t my support included with this?

Your MYOB annual support plan is a separate entity from your MYOB annual licensing fee. The MYOB annual licensing fee entitles you to use the MYOB software and receive product upgrades and compliance updates automatically as they are released during the life of your license. The annual support plan entitles you to technical support for your MYOB product.

4. How do I contact technical support?

Annual support plan holders can contact technical support through the following channels;

Technical support operates between 08.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday NZST

5. How much does an annual support plan cost?

Pricing is a tiered structure based on the number of employees that are registered for use in the software. Costs start at $265 plus GST.

6. If I don’t want to purchase a support plan but still need help with my MYOB software what are my options?

We realise that the annual support plan may not suit every client, so you may wish to consider the following alternatives:

  • Utilise the free online knowledgebase which answers most of the common calls we receive – found at
  • For those companies which typically have few support requirements but may need assistance perhaps once a year or for specific tasks, then booking consultants from our Professional Services team at an hourly rate may be more suitable
  • For more flexibility with regards to support options it may be worthwhile considering an Accredited MYOB Business Partner.

Partners are certified to specific product types and those available for the EXO product range can be found here.

7. How quickly will my request be responded to and my issue resolved?

Technical support will rate your issue based on severity and priority and respond appropriately. Most calls to technical support are resolved during the initial call, but occasionally further investigation may be required by specialist staff or we may ask that you submit a backup to review your data. In this case the resolution of your issue may take several days.

Email requests for support are typically responded to within 2 business days.

8. I already have support with MYOB for another accounting product that I run. Why am I being asked to pay for another support plan?

Each MYOB product family has separate support offerings to provide our clients with a range of support options to choose from.

Any requests for product enhancements or that highlight bugs in the software will be progressed to the MYOB Product Development team to be resolved and considered for inclusion in a future release.