Looking for Exo Support?

We've got all your needs covered with a great online Exo knowledgebase, a friendly Exo Support Team, an in-the-know Professional Services training team, or one of our expert Exo Partners.

If you are an Exo Employer Services client - we are here to help:

  • Search our Exo knowledgebase for hints, tips and more than 450 troubleshooting articles that can be accessed at anytime.

If you have an active Exo Support Plan:

Don't have a support plan or need some training?

  • To set up a support plan, please contact us via email or phone 0800 696 239(Mon to Fri, 8:30am – 5pm).
  • We have a range of training and assistance available, contact our Professional Services team by emailing enterprise.services@myob.com, call 0800 949 703 or head to our training page.

Or are you an Exo client that receives support from an MYOB Exo Partner?

  • In the first instance, contact your Exo Partner , or,
  • Search our Exo knowledgebase for hints, tipes and more than 450 troubleshooting artices that can be accessed at anytime.

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