PayGlobal Administrator Training

A three-day session for users who want to become adept at using PayGlobal as an administrator.


Course name: PayGlobal Administrator Training

Price: $1999.95 ex. GST

Duration: 3 days

Dates for 2020 courses are coming soon


This three-day training focuses on PayGlobal administration and will upskill users responsible for maintenance and enhancements. More advanced features are included along with tools to assist time-consuming manual tasks to help meet changing business requirements.

Designed for small groups, this training will allow extensive time for both one-on-one interactions with the instructor and for group situations to help gain knowledge and share feedback.

By the end of this training, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand ESS and its administration, including changing menus/fields
  • Carry out reporting in PayGlobal with an emphasis on using the existing reports to maximum advantage, e.g. report splitting, emailing, scheduling
  • Understand security, what is possible and how to set it up
  • Create User Defined Fields (UDF) within PayGlobal
  • Understand User Defined Accumulators (UDA) and their functions
  • Import data into PayGlobal from Excel such as rate increases

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at payroll managers, system administrators or advanced users of payroll, who would be responsible for the day to day maintenance of PayGlobal. A reasonable level of technical aptitude is assumed for attendees.

Course Content

  • Reporting
  • Security Profiles
  • User Profiles
  • User Defined Fields
  • User Defined Accumulators
  • Synchronisation (importing) data
  • Self Service Administration

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