Automatically calculate accurate figures for complex pay rates and awards

What does the award interpreter give you?

Accurate information on pay rates

The ability to automate payroll tasks

A completely ATO-compliant solution


The PayGlobal award interpreter automatically calculates complex pay rates

But wait, there's more - it also integrates with a suite of other payroll features.


Easy automation

Easily calculate complex payments, challenging award rates, and integrate all that information with payroll and Single-Touch Payroll rules.


Better reporting

Couple automatic calculation with day to day analysis, including the cost of time worked before it's paid, and accurate time allocated to cost centres.


Peace of mind

Prevent difficult award conditions from being missed, (like overnight breaks), and stay compliant with modern awards - like the modern retail award, which has over 127 conditions!


See how the award interpreter works with PayGlobal for a full suite of payroll features

manage worked time

Manage worked time

Manage time: by daily, weekly or fortnightly amounts, a defined span of hours, rostered times, minimum hours and split shifts.

Easily calculate overtime: with rates ranging from @ 1.0 or @ 3.0, step progression, calculate rates spanning midnight, based on the day commenced or majority of hours, along with accrued as time in lieu or single time rates.

Callback to duty with: payment at applicable OT rates, minimum payments, capping for overlapping minimum payments

Enforce fatigue management: minimum overnight breaks and number of consecutive shifts worked

Shift and penalty rates

Shift and penalty rates

Easily organise weekend and shift work: quality based on shift start, end or both, calculate spanning midnight, based on day commenced or majority of hours, paid as a percentage, fixed rate per shift or per hour.

Plus, accrue time for alternate holidays, pay penalties when breaks aren't taken, and stand downs to give the employee a break with pay.

Leave and allowances

Leave and allowances

Easily take care of leave balances: annual, personal, long service, other types such as TIL or ADOs, and even training leave, then default to LWOP when the balance is exceeded or overdraw the balance to a defined limit

Employees can accrue: time in lieu, rostered days off or accrued days off and alternate public holidays

Take care of leave payments: leave loading versus penalties calculations, uniform, laundry and tools payments, meal allowances, first aid, environment conditions (hot, cold or dirty work), leadership such as team leader or leading hands, along with time worked on-call or standby

Paid allowances can include: per day or shift, per week or per hour


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