GaaS - Backup and Recovery

GaaS Environment - General

At no additional cost, included in the base GaaS configuration, is a backup regime that ensures all your GaaS data is backed up at least once a day. This includes your security credentials, all data files, and any other information that you might have on the GaaS environment. The backed up data is briefly cached in the data centre before being replicated to another location for additional data protection.

GaaS MYOB Greentree Database

Also at no additional cost, all transactions made to your Greentree database are recorded in journal logs and a complete snapshot of your database is taken once a day. In the event of a catastrophic database failure, or a lesser event, your Greentree database can be restored from the last complete snapshot and then the logs can be applied to a precise point in time or specific transaction ensuring there is no data loss. The daily Greentree database backup process also runs a series of integrity checks on the backed up files to ensure they are complete and that there are no underlying and undetected database certification errors. As standard, the database is locked for a short period (usually less than 1 hour) to create the daily snapshot. You should notify your VAR of your preferred backup window for Greentree to target for backups.

Other GaaS MYOB Greentree Backup Options

If you require access to your database 24hours/day please let your VAR know and we can provide a non-quiesced backup (a technical term that allows the database to be backed up while in use).

If you require higher than standard availability service levels, or databases at multiple locations, please contact your VAR. GaaS has options to provide a mirrored Greentree system to a second GaaS datacentre, another datacentre, or to your own on-premise servers. There are also options to access your backup GaaS database through an FTP connection.

Data and Database Recovery

Any restore required as a result of a GaaS system failure will be provided at no cost and you may be eligible for a Service Availability Rebate. Up to 2 data file or full database restores for other reasons are allowed in any 12 month period at no charge. All your backup data will be held for a minimum of 30 days. If, for any reason, you require your backup data to be retained for a period longer than 30 days please consult with your VAR.

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