GaaS Maintenance and Upgrades

GaaS Environment - General

At no additional cost, technology patches and upgrades such as Microsoft Updates will be applied to the technology stack and hardware underpinning your GaaS environment as required. The frequency of these updates will depend on their criticality and you will be notified of when they will be applied in accordance with the GaaS Support Process.

GaaS Environment - Major Upgrades

Greentree will also provide major upgrades from time to time. A major upgrade includes any upgrade to Greentree or major version changes to other applications (e.g. a Microsoft Office version upgrade). These major upgrades will be done in collaboration with your nominated GaaS system administrator and VAR to ensure there is awareness amongst your GaaS users and User Acceptance Testing can be done if required. To keep up with the progress of technology it is necessary for GaaS to be continually upgraded. However, any upgrade carries a risk of introduced faults, the necessity to modify procedures, and other potentially unforeseen issues. We will endeavour to minimise unforeseen issues but you must assess the risk and level of User Acceptance Testing required to ensure your business continuity.

The Greentree Primed4U strategy provides the ability to always be current (See Primed4u page here). In keeping with this strategy, and at no additional cost, your GaaS subscription includes four Greentree software upgrades in any 12 month period. It also requires a Greentree software upgrade to be applied at least every 6 months.

If you require to first upgrade a copy of your production GaaS system for the purposes of User Acceptance Testing, before applying the upgrade to you production system, please advise your VAR for advice and pricing.

Other vendors such as Microsoft have less predictable version upgrade regimes and, in collaboration with your VAR, these applications will be upgraded as appropriate.

All major planned upgrades will be notified in accordance with the “Planned Maintenance Notification Target” category in the GaaS Support Process.

GaaS Upgrade Issues

Greentree is a sophisticated ERP system and as such the upgrade process often makes a lot of complex changes within the database. From time to time the upgrade process may fail due to customisations and configurations specific to you. When this happens, we will restore your Greentree system to the point prior to commencing the upgrade and advise your VAR of the issue. Any subsequent work done on your Greentree system to enable it to be upgraded may be subject to additional charges by your VAR.

GaaS Customisations and Non-Standard Systems

A significant feature of GaaS is that each Greentree system is isolated from every other Greentree system and only contains your data to be accessed by you. This provides huge flexibility to apply customisations and non-standard features to your GaaS system without consideration to other GaaS users. The following is an overview of common non-standard requirements. However, if you have non-standard requirements, always consult your VAR for advice specific to your situation.

GaaS apps for MYOB Greentree

Most Apps available through Apps for Greentree ( may be added to your GaaS system for no additional cost other than the Apps for Greentree annual subscription. Any upgrades to your Greentree system will automatically include Apps for Greentree upgrades at no additional cost.

Gaas Non-Standard Configurations and Custom Scripts

Non-standard configurations, custom scripts, or other similar aspects such as A&A Workflow rules will generally work on GaaS and will not attract any additional charges providing they fall within the fair use policy. If there is any aspect of your Greentree set-up that generates additional measurable load on the GaaS infrastructure, or requires interaction with systems outside of the Greentree database, please consult with your VAR to ensure there is no risk to your system or to the GaaS environment. It is also advisable to consult with your VAR with regard to upgrades in general, and specifically User Acceptance Testing. Any complications that prevent Greentree upgrades being applied will be referred to your VAR and may attract additional charges to remedy.

GaaS Non-Standard Vertical Solutions and Site Specific Customisations

Many VARs have developed purpose designed solutions for specific market verticals or in some cases specific Greentree customisations are developed for a site. The majority of these can be used in the GaaS environment, but like all non-standard requirements please consult with your VAR to get advice on using it in the GaaS environment. Greentree has an excellent process to facilitate the upgrading of customised Greentree systems. This process requires the software developer of each customisation to provide us with what is called a ‘package’ to be spliced into the upgrade process. Please check with your VAR if there are any additional costs for providing these packages, remembering that typically between 2 and 4 upgrades will be required every year. Any complications that may arise from splicing the packages will be referred back to your VAR and may attract additional charges to remedy.


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