GaaS - High Availabilty, Performance and Fair Use

GaaS Service Availability

Greentree strives to achieve 99.99% GaaS availability and will provide rebates if the availability drops below 99.9%. The availability, also known as Uptime, is calculated by subtracting from 100% the percentage of time during which your GaaS Infrastructure was unavailable due to Downtime within a calendar month, calculated in 1-minute increments. Downtime starts when a fault with GaaS is recorded by Greentree designated technical support staff, following communication from you or your VAR, and ends when Greentree determines that the period of unavailability due to Downtime of GaaS has ended. For the purposes of availability, Downtime does not include:

  1. Maintenance, a suspension, or a termination of GaaS
  2. An event such as; the failure of servers or services outside of a datacentre on which GaaS is dependent; an attack on the GaaS infrastructure; or any event beyond Greentree’s direct control
  3. Unavailability not reported within five days of the date on which the Uptime Percentage dropped below 99.9%
  4. Your use of separate services that are not subject to the standard GaaS service
  5. Unavailability that is unique to only you including where that unavailability may have been caused by you or your VAR
  6. Unavailability that is caused by your breach of this Agreement or usage outside of the GaaS Fair Usage guidelines, as set out below

Rebate Process

Where the Service Availability has not achieved 99.9% you may be eligible for a rebate. To claim a rebate you must notify your VAR within 30 days of the event with a reasonably detailed written request for a service rebate. Your claim must include the dates and times of each period of GaaS unavailability. The claim must also include a description of any events from the GaaS portal that indicated a system-wide unavailability during those dates and times. Where possible also include system logs, screen shots, or any other evidence to corroborate your claimed outage.

If your Uptime Percentage is confirmed by us to be less than 99.9% for the Service Month and deemed reasonable, we will issue a rebate during the next billing cycle. All credits will first be applied to fees due from you to us for GaaS; we will not pay any rebates to you as a refund. All credits will be based on calculation of your Uptime Percentage using our records and data.

Rebate Calculation

 Duration of Interruption   Rebate Eligibility 
 Less than 99.9% Uptime during a calendar month   10% of the Monthly Service Charge 
 Less than 99.5% Uptime during a calendar month   20% of the Monthly Service Charge 
 Less than 99% Uptime during a calendar month   30% of the Monthly Service Charge 
 Less than 95% Uptime during a calendar month   50% of the Monthly Service Charge 

GaaS Fair Use

Greentree has chosen not to impose fixed limits to the amount of storage, network traffic (volume or bandwidth), or processor load on your system as usage requirements will vary from business to business. We have instead adopted a customer friendly “Fair Use” approach. To date there have been no disagreements on what constitutes “unfair use” ensuring all customers can continue to use GaaS with predictable and known monthly charges.

However, GaaS is a shared service and we cannot allow the actions of a few users to negatively influence the system performance or costs for the majority. Some types of activities are obviously illegal and we retain the right to shut down and disable access for customers who use our infrastructure for illegal purposes. Other activities have the potential to cause capacity or performance issues and these activities are difficult to summarize in a policy, as they can be caused by a combination of items. When such an activity occurs, we retain the right to intervene in order to uphold the overall quality and performance of GaaS.

If you have an abnormally high use of GaaS resources, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable amount for this excessive usage.

Greentree might invoke the right to immediately shutdown your system without notice if:

  1. The law, legislation, or a court order requires it
  2. Any user places dangerous or illegal content in the GaaS environment
  3. Any user imposes an excessive load on the GaaS system that will likely compromise the system performance for other users
  4. A system error threatens data security or breaches confidentiality
  5. We have reasonable cause to shut down a user, customer, or system

Naturally we wish to keep our customers satisfied, even those who are in violation of the Fair Use policy, because this might not be intentional. If we need to invoke the Fair Use policy we will always get in touch with you and your VAR to find a mutually agreeable solution.

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