Business Intelligence: MYOB Greentree IQ (powered by Qlik)

Next generation business intelligence that puts you in charge

At a glance

Powered by the leading business intelligence vendor Qlik, MYOB Greentree IQ* provides vital information for your business. Greentree IQ* gives you the ability to explore critical data and simplify analysis, all with a few small clicks.

Use an array of data visualisations and reporting to gain further business insight, in-depth analysis and validated business forecasting. Accessible anywhere, MYOB Greentree IQ* is designed for users from all skill-levels. Choose between either Qlik View, the in-built dashboard and analytics platform or Qlik Sense, the self-service visual data solution.

IQ* gives you the information you need in seconds, so you can focus on what’s important – making decisions that empower the growth of your business. 

Benefits and Features

  • Experience a 360° -degree view of your business in real time
  • Assess current data and identify trends
  • Choose from a pre-built dashboard and analytics platform or self-service data visualisation solution
  • View your data in an array of formats from charts, tables, graphs, 2D or 3D, click-through for more detail
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface with customisable dashboards and reporting
  • Interactively explore your data and uncover new associations at blazing speed

*Powered by Qlik

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