Business Intelligence: MYOB Greentree IQ (powered by QlikView)

The next generation of interactive business intelligence providing easy-to-understand information that helps you make better decisions.

MYOB Greentree IQ, powered by leading business intelligence software, QlikView, provides a total view of the company.

Don’t waste time analysing static management reports or sifting through spreadsheets. IQ gives you the power to identify trends and compare customer, product line and territory performance. Build forecasts based on ‘what-if’ scenarios and perform detailed critical analysis of key business indicators. All in an easily-digestible, interactive format. 

Benefits and Features

  • Visualise your data any way that you want: a huge range of charts, tables, graphs, 2D or 3D, click-through for more detail
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface with customisable dashboards
  • Everyone in the business can instantly get information in the format they understand
  • At a glance see performance from the big picture P&L down to transactions
  • Always have accurate information built with real-time, dynamic data, integrated with your entire MYOB Greentree ERP
  • Examine key metrics filtering data for breakdowns by service, product or department
  • Easily create ‘what if’ scenarios to consider future budgets adjusting variables such as price, cost or quantity
  • The quicker way to explore deeper into your data: ask new questions and uncover new associations
  • Rapid deployment through using a pre-built set of business models
  • Quickly tailor view with pre-built models or create your own to meet your needs
  • Highlights anomalies and draws attention to what is important
  • Save time with sophisticated search options and alerts

*Powered by QlikView

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