Exo Timeclock

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At a glance

Exo Timeclock utilises various methods for employee clocking including Biometric (finger print) scan, Proximity card, Magnetic swipe card and basic keypad entry.

Implementing a time clock device will immediately improve your time capturing processes, which in turn enhances your payroll process. Keypads and barcode readers can be connected to allow for additional data entry such as cost centre/job costing allocation.

Combine EXO Timeclock with the EXO Time and Attendance module, and a high-class time capture solution is easily produced that provides seamless integration for immediate data processing.

Features and Benefits

  • Works in all environments, from coal mines to call centres
  • Handles different roles, shifts and tolerances
  • Eliminates ‘time theft’ by confirming user identity
  • Reduces payroll administration through automated processes
  • Multiple timeclock device operation
  • Industry standard communications (10/100Base-T Ethernet, USB and Host RS232 (3 wire 9600,n,8,1) as standard
  • Employee identification options include Biometric scan, Proximity card, Magnetic Swipe card and basic Keypad entry

We recommend using with this ...

Time clock options

Biometric time clock

Ideal for stamping out buddy punching


Proximity time clock

Ideal for dirty environments and can be customised for current proximity/FOB key systems


Magstripe time clock

Competitive pricing and features with low card cost


Keypad time clock

Basic option with a excellent price point

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