Time & Expense Management

Keep your project accounting on track with project time and expense management

See how project time and expense management can streamline your business

Ensure accurate client billing every time with simplified time and expense entry processes. Use the MYOB Advanced mobile app to manage entry and approvals anywhere, at any time - giving you more accuracy and control over your project time management and tracking.


Expense Claim Processing

Submit expense claims with attached receipts and supporting documents – all via your mobile app. Send claims through a predefined approval process, and see all your transactions reflected in your software.


Customer, Contract, and Project Time Tracking

Automatically assign time reports and expenses for approval. Once approved time cards can be used to update contract status’ and generate customer invoices.


Easy Mobile Entry

Allow employees and contractors to record time and expenses via the mobile app, and choose to route reports to a manager’s device for approvals. Employees and contractors can even attach photo receipts of their expenses.

Important features of time & management

T&E Reporting Anywhere Toggle Section

Report easily and conveniently at any time through browser or app, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of your expense reporting.

Approvals Toggle Section

Customise workflow to move items through a specified approval process. Approved items can generate corresponding project transactions or invoices and can even be posted to specific cases, customers, contracts or projects.

Timesheets Entry Toggle Section

Connect specific projects and budgets directly to your timesheets.

Audit Trail Toggle Section

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail with complete tracking of user adjustment to records.

Accurate Labour Assignment Toggle Section

Assign labour hours to specific projects and tasks that feed directly to your database to make labour accounting easy.