Intercompany Accounting

Centralised accounting methods to manage your complex business needs

See how MYOB Advanced intercompany accounting can work for you

Manage your financials and reports across related companies within your organisation - all from one centralised location. Share accounts, calendars, and non-financial data for an unlimited number of companies; and automate your inventory transfers, financial reporting, and supplier payments. MYOB Advanced gives you ultimate flexibility in your intercompany accounting.


Centralised Accounting

Maintain income and expense attribution to the initiating company while still centralising your cash management, customer invoicing, and supplier payments.


Customised Inquiries and reports

Efficient financial reporting tools can also help you streamline company-wide reports, with integrated query and reporting tools to customise your business reports across one, selected, or all companies.


Role Based Access

Control and restrict access to specific transactions or companies based on a user’s role or their allocated group.

Important features of intercompany accounting

Account Based Controls Toggle Section

Complex businesses have complex needs. Make it easier with the flexibility to allow inter-company transactions only for specific accounts.

Asset Transfers Toggle Section

Assign, transfer, and track fixed assets among companies in the Fixed Asset module. You can even bring the purchase history and depreciation to the receiving company post asset transfer. 

Centralised Purchasing and Invoicing Toggle Section

Integrate your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Orders in one place to allow for centralised purchases and invoicing. This allows you to purchase items and create sales orders amongst your different companies.

Account Allocations Toggle Section

Make shared activities amongst companies easier with allocated transactions. Allocated transactions can even be automated according to pre-set definitions.

Company Bank Accounts Toggle Section

Manage your purchasing and invoicing centrally, but still have company exclusive bank accounts for everyday expenditure.