Anita Paling

Anita Paling


Key Industry Sectors

  • Investment and Property
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Local Government


Anita’s skills and capabilities have been gained over 20 years in the Finance and Payroll industries. Her expertise includes scoping and analysis of client requirements, solution implementation, client training, documentation, client management, consulting and payroll processing.

Business Expertise

  • Management
  • Change Management
  • Time Management
  • Training

PayGlobal Module Expertise

  • Payroll (NZ)

Major Projects

PayGlobal client training tutorials

Objective: Create a suite of tutorials encompassing an end-to-end pay run, utilising the TreeTop training database. Also included holding classroom workshops for clients’ payroll staff.

Outcome: New users received knowledge and skills enabling them to complete an end-to-end pay run process with confidence.

APL payroll implementation

Objective: Migrate from a retired payroll software onto PayGlobal Payroll, Time & Attendance and Self-Service. Provide managers with more visibility of work effort, costs and the ability to manage employee work rosters.

Outcome: Successful implementation in all key areas, producing accurate payments to employees. Project objectives were met on time and within budget.

Payroll process and setup audit

Objective: Review client database configuration to ensure the setup met legislative requirements, and recommend improvements to business processes.

Outcome: Assisted clients to improve payroll processes reducing paperwork and timeframes to complete the pay run processes. Resolved setup issues to ensure the client became legislatively compliant, and is using PayGlobal functionality to reduce repetitive processes and potential keying errors.