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MYOB New Zealand Enterprise IMS Software

Detailed reports and insights

Staffing costs, risks, challenges, liabilities...IMS Payroll provides critical information at your fingertips.

MYOB New Zealand Enterprise IMS Software

All the information you need, right at your fingertips

Easily turn components on or off to handle more complex, or simplified payroll. Plus, print or email pay-slips, upload your IRD reports, keep employee information on-hand and upload reports directly to IRD. What could be better?

Product features

  • Record, report and set individual alerts for HR
  • Set up payments, deductions, costing codes, pay points and details
  • Track personnel details, payments, leave, notes, permanent transactions, totals and history
  • Track changes to the system: view who, when and before/after states
Company screen
  • Easily generate cost summaries, annual leave reports, pay slips, and Department of Statistics reports
  • Quickly manage IRD reports
  • Create complete payroll summaries, employment service and deduction schedule records
  • Generate trial balance, employee payroll summary, costing employee detail, termination pay reports
Reports screen
  • Generate qualifications and certificates for new training courses
  • 90 report/letter templates to easily import and export employee data into reports
  • Record, report and set individual alerts for HR, such as 90-day review dates with a robust audit trail
Sundry reports
  • Our self-service setup process can be done in just 30 minutes
  • Check your payslips and rosters, apply for leave and update your details in one system
  • Manage your staff's KPI reporting while slashing your admin
  • Customise weekly or fortnightly rosters which also factor in their hours and leave
Employee self service
  • MYOB IMS Cloud's licence spans across online and desktop for small, medium and large businesses
  • Dedicated customer support and third-party software integration
In the cloud

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