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When it comes to wholesale, Exo has you covered.

Over several years, Unitex International grew to one of Australia’s leading wholesale businesses. But there came a time when it’s older systems needed a boost. MYOB Exo gave Unitex the flexibility and depth it needed to survive into its next stage of growth.

Unitex International


Unitex International is one of Australia’s leading wholesale rug suppliers. Founded in 2004, Unitex offers a wide range of popular rugs. But the company’s internal system couldn’t keep up with its growth, so it was time to upgrade.

Unitex International

Too big to sweep under the rug

When the team at Unitex implemented MYOB Premier in 2004, they only had two operators. The software met their needs at the time. However, as business grew, so did the need for a system with more functionality. The limited control over debtor accounts, lack of visibility, reporting limitations and manual processes slowed the business down. The system simply could not keep up.

"We were having to use Excel and other software to manage processes."
Unitex International

Exo rolls out seamlessly

During their initial research, Unitex considered several options. This included NetSuite, Jiwa and Jim2. The team also discovered Exo on the MYOB website. “We chose Exo for its functionality, entry cost, familiar interface, scalable components and user licencing,” says Unitex Director Afshin Nejadiran. “It’s highly customisable for our niche business type, has multi-currency, provides in-depth reporting on all aspects of the business and visibility of business data and activity all within one suite.”

But although Unitex knew they wanted to go with Exo, they didn’t have the right technology or partners to make it happen. The company contacted MYOB and were referred to Kilimanjaro Consulting, an MYOB Partner.

"They got us off the ground quickly and within budget."
Unitex International

Exo has Unitex covered

Seven years on, MYOB Exo is still making business life easier for Unitex. The ability to quickly and easily customise the product has dramatically increased visibility for everyone in the business. “Sales staff have confidence in stock holding and position. They can secure pre-orders – sometimes months in advance,” says Najadiran. “Tighter control over debtors means we are now in a much stronger cash flow position.

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"We are now in a much stronger cash flow position."


  • Slow database
  • Manual processes
  • Lack of visibility
  • Limited control over debtor accounts
  • Limited product configuration


  • Highly customisable system
  • Increased staff confidence
  • Complete visibility of business operations
  • Tighter control over debtors
  • Stronger cash flow position

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