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Read up on how MYOB EXO took MTC Gas to the next level.

Exo helps MTC to cook with gas



With over 25 years’ experience in the gas industry and around 50 staff , MTC Gas are Queensland’s leading provider of gas related services, providing gas installation, repair and maintenance to commercial and residential customers. The company has long standing contracts with leading gas utility owners and retailers.

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Time to make a change

For seven years, MTC Gas has been dealing with a huge burden – running multiple spreadsheets alongside MYOB AccountRight Enterprise. Things were just taking too long.

“We were using a weekly summary sheet for jobs, and staff were scheduling jobs and labour using a whiteboard or typing them out each morning,” says Lee Charles, Assistant Accountant at MTC.

“We needed a job costing function to accurately manage our high volume of small jobs…we also worked on larger commercial sites, and needed to track timesheets, retainer payments, progress payments and all materials used.”

With the built-in power to handle both small and large volume jobs, Exo provided MTC with the flexibility they need.

"We had a high volume of jobs that our previous system couldn’t handle, this was a big issue."
gx2 Technology

Choosing MYOB Exo

When it came to implementing Exo, MTC chose MYOB Platinum Partner, Momentum Software Solutions. According to Lee, support from Momentum helped make the switch to Exo easy.

“Their presentation, and the ability to help us see at the time of presentation how certain functions work, without just saying they do, greatly influenced our decision.”

Momentum provided the team at MTC with a demonstration of how Exo could work for their business, provided a pilot database to begin the transition of data and helped configure Exo to MTC’s business processes.

Hands-on sessions were held with all operation staff.

"Staff got a feel for the system and business processes were improved on as we realised the full capabilities of Exo"
The Outcome

Now they’re cooking with gas

Once Exo was successfully implemented, the team at MTC were able to track jobs better than ever before, leading to a much more streamlined process.

“We can now see clearly where a job is at,” says Lee. “The most beneficial thing to see is if costs are allocated against a job, but no invoice has been created. We now have the ability to make sure all invoices are invoiced in a timely manner, and nothing gets lost in that process.”

“Financial reports and job costing reports have been tailored to suit our business needs.”

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  • Too many manual and time consuming processes 
  • System couldn’t handle the high volume of jobs 
  • Duplicating work load 
  • Limited access to timely information


  • Single system unifying job costing, finance and payroll 
  • Access to real time information 
  • Stronger reporting capabilities 
  • Reduced manual processes and overheads

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