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How better efficiency helps Millbrook Resort stay ahead in the competitive tourism industry

With tourism booming, iconic Queenstown destination Millbrook Resort is using digital technology to keep its competitive edge and deliver outstanding guest experiences. With MYOB Greentree as the foundation for its complex operations, the leading five-star resort has the visibility, control and efficiency it needs to thrive. 


Outdated systems not delivering

The unique Millbrook Resort is much like a small town made up of luxurious accommodation, a world-class golf-course, four restaurants, day spa, health and fitness centre and property for sale.

“There’s nothing else like it in New Zealand,” says Darren Auld, Millbrook Finance Manager. “This complexity also means the resort requires a suitable system capable of handling all aspects of its business.”

Darren says the company was ‘making do’ with outdated core financial systems, which were beginning to hold back growth.

“It became apparent that we needed a richer set of tools to increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing labour costs,” says Darren.


Technology holding back growth

Shortcomings in the system were most obvious in supply chain management, job costing, purchase and inventory control.

Darren says that simply wasn’t good enough – Millbrook needed to stop ‘making do’ with the systems it had, and find a solution that would let it work smarter and faster.

“To keep pace with the current tourism boom in New Zealand, businesses now need to have real-time visibility of everything from job-cost management and human resources to workflow, supply chain and payroll, as a way of increasing efficiency.

“Businesses that do not adapt run the risk of missing out on opportunities in the future.”

"To keep pace, tourism businesses now need to have real-time visibility of everything, as a way of increasing efficiency."

Flexibility and visibility

With MYOB Greentree at the centre of the company’s operations, Millbrook has a transparent, integrated solution, with the Opera Reservation System connecting the final dots.

The system also offers greater visibility across the multifaceted operations and business units. This is particularly important for the property sales side of the business, with detailed tracking of all expenses and incomes related to every property.

“The level of detail provide by Greentree suits the purpose exactly,” says Darren.

MYOB Greentree tracks finances and inventory in real-time for greater accuracy, along with forecasting and management of the increasing complexity of this growing company.

"The level of detail provide by Greentree suits the purpose exactly."

From complex, to lean and clean

With MYOB Greentree, Millbrook’s property development operation can now accurately track the various components of each development, and the eDocs module has made accounts payable faster while almost eliminating paperwork.

Reconciliations happen faster, and department heads can track progress and performance at any time. Reports are automatically calculated using real-time data, making it easy to manage inventory and delivering huge efficiency gains.

Darren says the solution is easy-to-use and cost-effective, and allows the Millbrook team to deliver the same consistent, high level of service across the business.

A good system, he says, properly implemented by a knowledgeable MYOB Business Partner “makes business life easier for your team. It can reduce your labour costs quite significantly.”

"Our month-end financial reports can be automatically calculated using real-time data for adjustments and balances – all without any human intervention."


  • Outdated core financial systems
  • Teams not working well
  • Failing to keep up with sector growth


  • Real time data, visibility, automation and work flows
  • Collaboration and great team work
  • System will scale and support growth plans

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