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Powering a clean-as-a-whistle service

MYOB Greentree is helping Jet Cleaning Services grow a service model it believes has great potential.

jet cleaning


Jet Cleaning Services is a specialist commercial cleaner, providing full-service solutions through a team of highly motivated franchisees across New Zealand. Jet Cleaning has been successful in establishing itself in a very competitive industry by expertly servicing the needs of the demanding hospitality sector.

the problem

Struggling to keep books clean and lean

Switching to a franchise model doubled Jet’s revenue within a few years, but also brought headaches in management as the business hit new levels of complexity.

“We had a basic accounting system and a suite of not-very-sophisticated spreadsheets that managed everything from resources and personnel to consumables and customer information. Everything was separate and there was no automation” explains GM Kristian de Pont. 

"Gaps in information threatened to compromise client service and cost us money."
the solution

Systems in need of scrub and polish

Asking around for ERP recommendations, MYOB Greentree was given a big thumbs up by another company. “That endorsement played a massive part in convincing us to choose Greentree,” Kristian says.

MYOB Greentree’s fully integrated Financial Management, Supply Chain and Distribution, Job Costing and CRM suites automate all those time-wasting manual entry processes, while Workflow and eReporting enable real-time management of franchisees, winning the paper war through electronic purchase orders and invoicing.

"MYOB Greentree’s scalability and reliability made it ideal for us"
the outcome

A clean slate to launch further success

With these systems in place, Jet Cleaning are set for further growth. “We’re poising ourselves for further growth, but we also want to make sure we don’t blow out our overheads,” Kristian concludes.

“Greentree will cut down our need for extra staff, capture key performance data, and help us to track, quote and close new business.”

"MYOB Greentree will cut down our need for extra staff and capture key performance data"


  • Separate spreadsheets and heavy data entry load
  • Systems not able to manage extra load or complexity
  • Information and billings lost


  • Automated, integrated systems reduce human input and paperwork
  • Scalable and reliable for future growth
  • Data and billings always accurate

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