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Fruit exporter thrives with MYOB Greentree ERP

To ensure continued growth and success, Jace Group needed an ERP solution that could deliver real time reporting, and seamless accounting. MYOB Greentree has proven a fruitful choice.

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Jace Group is a key player in the New Zealand kiwifruit industry and a multi-million-dollar export success. The company packs more than seven million trays of kiwifruit per year, primarily for export, grown across multiple sites covering in excess of 200 hectares.

the problem

Cultivating quality from vine to packing

It was crucial to Jace Group that their new ERP solution could assist in managing their entire supply chain and distribution system in a manner that’s both easy and accurate.

“Because we have to cover from the growing of the crop right through to harvesting, storing and packing, we need a business system that is able to capture all that data and report on it in a wide range of ways,” says Lee Weatherley, Accountant for the Jace Group.

"Given there is only a limited window of opportunity to harvest the crop from the vines, it is vital that all operations run seamlessly."
the solution

Growing an integrated business

Jace Group now uses MYOB Greentree for integrated financial management, job costing and transactional analysis. This allows for quick break down of costs and returns for each individual orchard across each variety of fruit. It also makes it easy to report across each growing season and variety, and to add new varieties in line with seasonal changes..

To assist with HR, finger-scanning software records attendance in the packing sheds and uploads all data straight into MYOB Greentree Payroll. Handy when you’re managing up to 900 seasonal workers at a time.

"It’s so easy to extract data – you just push a button and it's done."
the outcome

With MYOB Greentree she’s apples

“MYOB Greentree has enabled us to develop sophisticated uploads for lots of data, eliminating human error data entry issues. We have nine or so operating companies within our group, and it’s a tremendous help for me to be able to monitor performance for consistency.” says Lee.

“We’re heading towards higher volumes of fruit and are looking to expand our facilities. We’re confident that MYOB Greentree will continue to grow with us and we’re always looking at ways to work smarter with it, to meet any challenges ahead." 

"We’re confident that MYOB Greentree will continue to grow with us"


  • Limited reporting features
  • Payroll was cumbersome and full of errors
  • Job costs difficult to manage
  • Slow, inaccurate data entry
  • Rigid and hard to change
  • Inability to access real time information


  • Wide range of data and reports are easily compiled
  • Large seasonal payrolls are managed accurately
  • Sophisticated tracking of production and costs
  • Accurate and consistent systems for large volumes of data entry
  • Flexibility to modify databases
  • Live visibility out in the field

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