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Picking and packing with accuracy

MYOB Greentree helps Griffiths to reduce picking errors by 80% and speed up warehouse operations

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Griffiths Equipment is a New Zealand-owned and operated importer and supplier of quality automotive products and services. Having been in business for more than 30 years, Griffiths Equipment supplies major automotive and hardware outlets nationwide, including Repco, Supercheap Auto, Mitre 10, and Bunnings.

the problem

Aiming for a perfect score

On average, Griffiths’ warehouse picks 40,000 product lines a month, generating more than 5,000 invoices. Griffiths was already making use of MYOB Greentree suites to speed up time for processing orders and to provide greater visibility. However, errors in the picking of products were still costing time and money.

“Our error rate was about 200 lines wrong per month out of 40,000,” says Managing Director, Peter Griffiths. “It wasn’t bad, but nevertheless that’s 200 things you have to fix up.” Even with this relatively high accuracy rate, Griffiths Equipment were determined to maintain its leading place in the highly competitive Auto Parts & Accessories business.

"The point is the time involved and the desire to be 100% accurate"
the solution

Mobile Warehouse Operations packs the punch needed

Implementing MYOB Greentree’s Mobile Warehouse Operations module has provided Griffiths with the tools to enable the efficient and accurate fulfilment of customer orders, and the sharpening of inventory management processes to save time and money.

When new goods arrive, they can be placed according to size or popularity. A wireless network has been installed in the warehouse, and hand-held devices that allow live picking of goods have been allocated to staff. When an order is entered or received via EDI, it appears on MYOB Greentree’s Workflow desktop, then on the devices, showing warehouse staff the shortest route to the item.

"It’s made our system much more structured"
the outcome

Taking stock of what it takes to race past the competition

Griffiths estimates that the new scanners have cut errors by up to 80% in the first month and gains in productivity are also expected. The next plan is to implement live stock-taking using the scanners so that inventory is checked on a daily basis.

“We had very good direct service from MYOB Greentree. They worked quickly to resolve problems, which has been appreciated,” Peter says. “I think our business is a leader in its field because we’re nimble on our feet.”

"Our business is a leader in its field because we’re nimble on our feet"


  • Daily picking errors
  • Delay in realising mistakes
  • Manual counting
  • Customer-imposed penalties


  • Errors reduced by 80%
  • Accurate live picking of orders
  • Automated scanning
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction and response times

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